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LHC physics prof tells college kids the universe shows evidence of design, still has job

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The wow is not about the design. Rather, that the prof still has job.

In historical times, he said, all scientists believed in God, and it was only more recently, within the last 200 years or so, that science based on the assumption there is no creator has dominated the field.

Yes, and introduced just every kind of nonsense and blither as a result.

But organized nonsense is profitable and easier than work. Hence multiverse cosmology.

Don’t believe me? See The Science Fictions series at your fingertips (cosmology).

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“Frank dialogue is good, as long as it’s civil,” he said. --- From the linked article. Daniel King
I love this lecture,,, Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God - Michael Strauss - video http://vimeo.com/9195703 Strauss common sense is a breath of fresh air in a field dominated by the dictum 'if I can imagine it then it must be true'. Here is a humorous case in point,,, Anthropic Principle - God Created The Universe - Michael Strauss PhD. – video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vvr9q_2sSxs This preceding video, at the 6:49 mark, has a very interesting quote: "So what are the theological implications of all this? Well Barrow and Tipler wrote this book, The Anthropic Cosmological Principle, and they saw the design of the universe. But they're atheists basically, there's no God. And they go through some long arguments to describe why humans are the only intelligent life in the universe. That's what they believe. So they got a problem. If the universe is clearly the product of design, but humans are the only intelligent life in the universe, who creates the universe? So you know what Barrow and Tipler's solution is? It makes perfect sense. Humans evolve to a point some day where they reach back in time and create the universe for themselves. (Audience laughs) Hey these guys are respected scientists. So what brings them to that conclusion? It is because the evidence for design is so overwhelming that if you don't have God you have humans creating the universe back in time for themselves." – Michael Strauss PhD. - Particle Physics bornagain77

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