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Mathematician Peter Woit on how things have changed re quantum gravity


Changed sociologically, that is.


These days, things have changed. If you’re at Perimeter, prominent activities include:

This week’s conference on a very technical issue in string theory, superstring perturbation theory.
This month’s course of lectures on Explorations in String Theory.

The next public lecture will feature Amanda Peet promoting string theory. Peet has been one of the more ferocious partisans of the string wars. The text advertising her public talk a few years back at the Center for Inquiry in Toronto warned attendees who might consider “parrotting of critical views by outsiders like Lee Smolin.”

Numerous events mentioned, including

For a more balanced view of quantum gravity issues, you might want to spend your time in France, where the IHES recently hosted an interesting series of surveys of the subject (see here), and the Quantum Gravity in Paris conference featured more specialized talks. In the category of quantum gravity topics I wish I had more time to learn about, Kirill Krasnov’s talk was presumably related to this recent work, which looks intriguing. More.

Sanity is establishing an island? Maybe l’Ile de France? That is new, cats.

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