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More hologram hype

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From Not Even Wrong,

About every three years KEK issues a hype-filled press release announcing that Jun Nishimura and collaborators have used a supercomputer to get evidence for string theory. Back in 2008, the announcement was of a numerical simulation on a supercomputer of a supersymmetric QM system that supposedly showed that superstring theory explained the properties of black holes (press release here, preprint here, blogging here). In 2011, the claim was of a numerical simulation on a supercomputer that used superstring theory to understand the birth of our universe (press release here, preprint here, blogging here). Both of these papers were published in PRL.

The 2014 press release is now out (see here), based on this preprint from last December. The latest claim is that the authors have solved the black hole information paradox, have shown that we live in a hologram, as well as showing that string theory provides a self-consistent quantization of gravity, all by doing a numerical simulation of a QM system. Even better, … More.

Nature is taking it all seriously.

Note: KEK = High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (Japan-based)

Science is undergoing a strange phase when top publications take the same approach to cosmology “signs and wonders” like we-live-in-a-hologram that a pop sci mag would. They so badly need it all to be true that evidence is superfluous. For a brief discussion of how and why that happened, and what it means, see The Science Fictions series at your fingertips (cosmology).

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OT: What's The BIGGEST Thing In The Universe? - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g031BkhcPKc The Biggest Thing In The Universe Is So Gigantic It Shouldn't Exist At All - May 27, 2014 Excerpt: What's the biggest known structure in the universe? Astronomers used to think it was a "filament" of galaxies known as the Sloan Great Wall. But recent research suggests a different structure is even bigger -- and its size has astronomers scratching their heads. Meet the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall (Her-CrB GW). Check it out in the video above. "The Her-CrB GW is larger than the theoretical upper limit on how big universal structures can be," Dr. Jon Hakkila, an astrophysics professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and one of the astronomers who discovered the structure, told The Huffington Post in an email. "Thus, it is a conundrum: it shouldn't exist but apparently does." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/27/biggest-thing-in-universe-video_n_5365111.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false Of note: Constelations Hercules ,,, Hercules and depicted as a hero figure standing triumphantly over a slain dragon, holding a club. The dragon is associated with Ladon, the beast with a hundred heads that guarded the Garden of the Hesperides. http://www.topastronomer.com/StarCharts/Constellations/Hercules.php Corona Borealis, i.e. the Northern Crown, http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/CoronaBorealis.html Is There a Gospel in the Stars? Corona Borealis The third constellation in Libra is called Corona Borealis — the Northern Crown. It is a beautiful semi-circle of a half dozen stars located in the northern hemisphere. The story of Libra is this — man is a sinner. We are weighed in the balances of God’s justice and are found wanting. The seed of the woman, however, came to become a victim — to pay the price for our sins. He died as a substitute upon the Southern Cross that He might gain for us the Northern Crown. ,,, Serpens The serpent (Serpens) represents Satan, who has tried to usurp the throne of God. He is seen trying to grab the Northern Crown. He cannot do so, however, because he is being held back by Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus Ophiuchus is obviously a view of Christ who, though His heel is bruised in the conflict, succeeds in bruising the head of the Lawless One. In his hands he holds Serpens, keeping him from obtaining the Northern Crown. Hercules The other hero character is Hercules. He can be seen in the star chart beating a many-headed snake with his club. The snake is shown in the branches of a tree — most likely the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Hercules is another picture of the great Redeemer. http://www.prophecyinthenews.com/lesson-13-the-gospel-in-the-stars-part-1/ bornagain77
NCIS: Gibbs' Rules To be obeyed at all times. Consequence is a slap to the back of the head. http://www.ncisfanwiki.com/page/NCIS%3A+Gibbs%27+Rules Rule 6,, Grammar police are to be slapped on the front, back, and side of the head: The Three Stooges - Slaps, Eye Pokes, Head Conks, Nose Honks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk6_7DTVN8Q :) :) :) bornagain77
LOL. Who's on first? Rule 5 is the greatest! :-) Reminds me of the time I went to a retail outlet and saw a sign that read TV's. It's TVs, of course, but if they really wanted to be pretentious, they could have put TVs'. Because TV's is so common, brute force makes it a variant now. Ever seen a sign for busses? -Q Querius
rule 3: If it takes more than a 30 seconds to figure it out
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Whom is the projectorist? Mung
Hilarious, BA, but very effective. It would put anyone in their place! Love it. You can get away with anything with a no-nonsense tone like that! And deserve to! It's up to the reader to discover rules#1 and #2, as well. Axel
cantor, I invoke rule 3 3. Give it a sincere and honest effort to determine if it's “who” or “whom.” If it takes more than a 30 seconds to figure it out, pick the one that sounds best to the ear (read it aloud) and move on. Why? Because even grammarians are likely to squabble over which to use. But always — always — apply rules #1 and #2 before using Rule #3. http://web.ku.edu/~edit/whom.html i.e. since I wrote the sentence and it was pleasing to my ear, I'm moving on! bornagain77
whom is running the projector?
Of what verb is "whom" the object? cantor
If the universe is best thought of as a hologram, exactly what is the universe a hologram of and whom is running the projector? Semi related: Holographic heart for better surgery - video http://www.euronews.com/2014/01/20/holographic-heart-for-better-surgery/ bornagain77

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