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So dark energy could do us the favour of just not existing?

current supposed distribution of universe/PeteSF

In “’Accelerating universe’ could be just an illusion” (MSNBC, September 27, 2011), Natalie Wolchover reports, “If true, theory would rid cosmology of its biggest headache — dark energy”:

Now, a new theory suggests that the accelerating expansion of the universe is merely an illusion, akin to a mirage in the desert. The false impression results from the way our particular region of the cosmos is drifting through the rest of space, said Christos Tsagas, a cosmologist at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. Our relative motion makes it look like the universe as a whole is expanding faster and faster, while in actuality, its expansion is slowing down — just as would be expected from what we know about gravity.

If Tsagas’ theory is correct, it would rid cosmology of its biggest headache, dark energy, and it might also save the universe from its harrowing fate: the Big Rip. Instead of ripping it to bits, the universe as Tsagas space-time envisions it would just roll to a standstill, then slowly start shrinking.

Folding up nicely, one supposes, into a duffle. And this is simpler:

Tsagas may have shown that the universe either has dark flow or dark energy, but not both. Dark flow is by far the less mysterious of the two: While no one knows what dark energy is, or how we might find it, dark flow is merely movement.

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They use to call it "dark MATTER" but then they realized "energy" was the proper term. THe materialists were not happy but they had to agree to the term. Now even their sacred Dark energy is being called into question. I never beleived in dark matter for a second. I admit some dark energy could exist but not enough to explain everything they wannted it to. This theory is very interesting indeed. "Dark flow" however is just stupid. Of course there is a flow to the universe that defies exact mechanical explanation. Heisenberg proved that at the micro level a long time ago. Frost122585

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