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Talk Origins are trying to buy Expelled

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They want people to send donations in order to buy the rights to the film from the public auction. The reason given is so they can then release unpublished material, but equally they could prevent future sales of the film. No indicated price is available.


If their motive is to expell this movie from the public then it shows the absurdity of their fear of the staying power of evolution etc. let them push this movie and more power to them . this movie is still making headlines. it suggests to any person that if ones opponents want the movie rights they must think there is persuasive power in mediums of this nature. Time for another movie. Robert Byers
Blue_Savannah, You're onto something. Are they trying to expel "Expelled?" CannuckianYankee
Considering Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed shows how the darwinian mafia try to silence those who dissent from darwinism, it doesn't surprise me one bit that they would try to buy the rights to the film. Blue_Savannah
I seriously doubt their motives are as benign as they want others to believe them to be. Bantay
Make a 1 cent donation on paypal to indicate you don't support this. idnet.com.au
Somebody: Release Expelled to the public domain! G kairosfocus
I guess it is the heck with raising money to fund actual evolutionary research... Joseph

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