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String theory still garbage but we still believe it

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Calabi yau formatted.svg From Peter Woit at Not Even Wrong:

Over the years there has been an ongoing effort to produce “predictions” of SUSY particle masses, based on various sorts of assumptions and various experimental data that might be sensitive to the existence of SUSY particles. One of the main efforts of this kind has been the MasterCode collaboration. Back in 2008 before the LHC started up, they were finding that the “best fit” for SUSY models implied a gluino at something like 600-750 GeV. As data has come in from the LHC (and from other experiments, such as dark matter searches), they have periodically released new “best fits”, with the gluino mass moving up to stay above the increasing LHC limits.More.

It got wronger and worser. Please, people. We can’t kill a zombie. Unless we deprive it of human interest. That is what kills bad ideas. Only ever.

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Not many people talk about string theory these days. It's fading into obscurity much like the multiverse theory. Atheist mythology. Truth Will Set You Free

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