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Time is all in our heads? Then we can reverse time!

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passage of time, imaged/S. Sepp

Reader Ilion Troas kindly writes to say, re the pop science of the week (Time is all in our heads:”

“… In other words, if we do experience the future (which we might), we are not able to store the memories about such processes. You can’t go back in time without this information being erased from your brain. By contrast, if you experience the future by using the usual route “past > present > future,” you accumulate memories and entropy grows.”

So, whenever a person acquires amnesia, this causes a (slight) decrease in entropy? If a Mad Scientist (TM) induces amnesia to all human beings, might this effect a wholesale rolling-back of entropy? Might this even enable *him* to reverse time, at least for himself?

Our kind reader is simply demonstrating that he is not a fan of the pop science philosophy of life. But then neither are we. We are road to reality folk.

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