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John Lennox: His new book and his upcoming debate with Dawkins


God’s Undertaker – Has Science Buried God?” by John Lennox, has now appeared with Lion-Hudson in the UK and with Kregel in the US. The book had previously appeared in Germany (Lennox knows German very well) and had an enormous impact there.

Lennox is a Reader in Mathematics and Fellow of Green College, University of Oxford. (Note the “Reader” in this case is equivalent to a U.S. full professor.) Lennox is a well known speaker throughout Europe, especially the former Eastern Bloc.

Lennox will be debating Richard Dawkins in Alabama on 3rd October. For details go to www.fixed-point.org.

Did anyone hear the debate between Dawkins and Lennox? Or rather the Sermon by Lennox and the falling asleep by Dawkins. Lennox's entire case was around the resurrection, which he said must have happened because no one would ever fake a resurrection only to get persecuted later on. Of course he over looked that fact that most religious hoaxes are performed by the strongest and most dogmatic of believers, who failing with reason turn to "miracle" to convince the unbelievers. Being the most dogmatic believers, they are also likely to be those that are most likely to be martyrs. In fact the more I've spoken with christians, the strength of their conviction is often directly correlated with their ability to lie. The rest of Lennox's case sounded much like this. "Well, if you believe in the resurrection then you can reasonably believe in... insert ridiculous claim here" jamesstephenbrown
"Darwinn\’s theory is proof for God" Whatever . . . Eric Anderson
There is another book along the same vein that is due for publication soon. Dinesh D'Souza's book will be available on October 8th and is called "What's So Great about Christianity." He will be debating Christopher Hitchens in New York on October 22 and Michael Shermer in Pasadena on December 9th. One of his arguments is apparently about science but I am not sure it is ID friendly since he claims that Darwinn\'s theory is proof for God not an argument against it. Have to see what he actually says. jerry
It is the very nature of science that leads me to belief in God, Lennox When he comes to the point where his belief in God leads him to the very nature of Science, there will be no need to speculate about whether or not Science has buried God. When the mystery of God is revealed, it will be "Science" that is either proven or buried, not God. Creatures like Dawkins will no longer profit by deceiving the blind with ignorance. John Kelly
bornagain Science led me to believe there was no creator. Then it eventually led me back. I guess what goes around comes around, eh? DaveScot
I haven't seen his latest book. Lennox did provide a blurb for my book NO FREE LUNCH. William Dembski
I liked this comment: "It is the very nature of science that leads me to belief in God," Lennox I find it very interesting that Dawkins, who seems so intelligent on the outside, could be moved so far away from belief in God, especially when the deeper I probe the mysteries of reality with what is revealed in science the deeper my faith in God becomes.. The article states Lennox is a "Reader" in mathematics. So I suppose he is familiar with your work Dr. Dembski. Do you know if used some of your work in his book Dr. Dembski? bornagain77

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