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We are informed that Earth has no special place in our expanding universe …


… whatever that means.

While the findings don’t explain the cosmic speed-up, they eliminate one provocative possibility that our planet, solar system and galaxy are at the center of the universe and that there is no dark energy. The findings appear in the journal Physical Review D.

Some of us didn’t realize anyone had considered that. Given that there is said to be a huge black hole at the centre of our galaxy, and at the centre of most galaxies, it’s fair to wonder what the centre of the universe would even be like.

The 2011 Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. One leading idea to explain the acceleration is a new, mysterious substance called dark energy, which is thought to make up nearly three-fourths of the energy of the universe. But another alternative is that Earth, our solar system and Milky Way galaxy are at the center of the universe. That theory violates the standard assumption that the universe has no center, but if true, then cosmic acceleration could be explained without dark energy or any new laws of physics.

But Dartmouth researchers found that this model can’t hold up to other observational tests. The sky glows with light left over from the Big Bang, also known as the Cosmic Microwave Background, so they calculated how that glow would be affected. Their findings show that the model’s prediction is completely contrary to the glow that has been measured.

Well, if there isn’t a centre to the universe, how did the theory that Earth would be at the centre even get started?

But why ask? We are talking about a universe that, some physicists believe, could be a giant computer sim. Presumably, it would only need a couple of script rewrites to create a centre and drop Earth into it. But it seems they didn’t survive the most recent drafts.

http://creation.com/our-galaxy-is-the-centre-of-the-universe-quantized-redshifts-show Article's title is this: Our Galaxy is the center of the universe redshifts show It is an in depth article not for the lay person. Evolutionists cannot allow the earth to have a special place in the universe. They cannot allow the universe to have a center for their cosmology to have a prayer of a chance of being accurate. Here is a quote from the article:
"If you could travel infinitely fast in any particular direction available to us, they claim you would never encounter any large volume of space unpopulated with galaxies. You would not be able to define an ‘edge’ or boundary around the galaxies, and so you could not define a geometric centre. One cosmologist says this about the popular ‘island universe’ misconception: ‘This is wrong … [The big bang cosmos] has no centre and edge.’43 So the big bang has no centre. No unique centre would exist anywhere within the three space dimensions we can see. This explains why its supporters reject any interpretation of redshift quantization requiring a centre. Below I show that their demand for acentricity44 stems from an arbitrary presupposition not justified by observations."
Those guys are just trying hard to safe face and perpetuate their usual propaganda. First, they came out against the medieval teaching that earth was at the center of the universe. Then, on the basis of the observation that light from distant stars is red-shifted, they claimed that the universe is expanding and that the expansion is accelerating. The problem with this is that the degree of red shift is the same in every direction from the earth, which puts earth right back in the center of the universe as in medieval times. Imagine that! They can't have it both ways. So, once they got everybody converted to their Big Bang and accelerated expansion voodoo religion, then everything became evidence for it, not unlike the way everything in biology is evidence for Darwinian evolution. Why do we have have a cosmic background radiation? Why, the Big Bang, of course. Yeah, right. So now, they must posit the existence of an incredible amount of undetectable, magical, voodoo, dark energy to explain the acceleration. But it gets worse. The light coming from the farthest stars indicate that those stars are moving away from us at speeds much greater than the speed of light! It's all a bunch of unmitigated hogwash, of course, chicken sh!t propaganda from on high being used to prop up the One True Religion. Big Brother is alive and kicking. The truth is that the red shifting of light from distant stars can easily be explained as the effect of interstellar gases and dust that act to attenuate the energy of light over long distances. The universe as a whole is static and has been so from the beginning. In conclusion, let me just say that the old medieval voodoo nonsense is still going on strong. Don't be fooled by any of it. The devil loves to wear the attire of an angel of light but when he opens his mouth, a foul-smelling torrent of lies spews out. Who will rise up to deliver us from this insanity? Mapou
It means that when Galileo said this, the Pope knew it was true, but he did not necessarily want the public to know; and so, as we know, the Pope then confined Galileo to his residence. Now, the next step. Think of a two-dimensional creature on the surface of a sphere, and for it, time might be the third dimension. As for the surface of a sphere itself, topologists will advise us that this is a manifold that has no preferred center, and if you stick a pin in it, then the result will be a disk, which then has a center on the opposite side of the previous sphere. So far, no genius has stuck in this pin. Dimitri44

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