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2018 March for Life in Washington, DC: 45th annual response to the 1973 Abortion on Demand US Supreme Court Decision


Today is the March for life in Washington DC.

Speakers include: Rep. Paul Ryan, Pam Tebow, Matt Birk and others.

We have someone on the ground from the UD family and will be giving updates as we get them across the day.

Remember, globally, the abortion holocaust toll rises at a million or thereabouts per week, on Guttmacher-UN figures. The total since the early 1970’s exceeds 800 millions.

For shame!

So, developing:

U/D No 1: I found a live stream here. (I won’t even try an embed with this one.)

U/D 2: US Pres Trump is to address the MFL by satellite feed, 100,000 expected. A first.

U/D 3: Live address is to be at 1 pm EST, and will be on Youtube here.

Embed try — there on edit, stripped on post, sorry:


U/D 4: MFL Home Page.

U/D 5: We are at ground zero, pics:

At the Washington Monument, January 19, 2018 — marching for life
Ordinary people take a stand
Survivors of the holocaust of living posterity in the womb
A Person is a person, no matter how small
He came that we might have life




AS, the contrast in coverage is telling, sadly telling. Especially, as to claim a right is inherently to claim that others have a binding moral obligation to support and uphold one in a particular way; e.g. to respect and protect one's life. In that context, one may only justly claim a right if one is manifestly in the right. And in the case of the clash of claimed rights, the prior and more consequential one should prevail, e.g. the right to life prevails over any other rights-claim. For, without life there are no rights to be claimed. To rob one of life is to rob such a one of everything actual and potential. As well as to rob the community and world. Do we not hear, do we not want to hear, the voice of the 800+ millions, mounting up at another million every week? For shame! KF kairosfocus
http://therightscoop.com/heres-how-cnn-covered-the-march-for-life-vs-the-womens-march-and-it-aint-even-close/ Andrew asauber
I may write a longer March For Life 2018 Reflection in the coming days, but for now it's sufficient for me to say there has never been an event so large in magnitude and in importance so routinely and unjudiciously ignored by the people who are supposed to be reporting it. I know I sound like a broken record, but our popular culture is stuck in an evil rut and I feel the need to continue to say something about it. Andrew asauber
In my early 20s, an engineering student at a soviet university in Moscow, I was an accomplice in a major crime. I was spiritually lost and blind. I belonged in the bottom of the eternal Hades. But graciously the Supreme Judge paid Himself the highest price for my ransom and rescued me. He imputed His own righteousness upon me. Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me. How could that be that my King died for me? Ultimate love and grace that gave me true life forever. Hallelujah! Now having children and grandchildren, still ask why? The response: because He's absolutely sovereign. My limited mind could not understand it. Maybe the day He calls me to enjoy His glorious presence eternally, I will get a glimpse of the true wonder beyond my wildest imagination. Life starts when its Creator says that it does, not when His creatures prefer it. We still don't have a coherent definition of biological life, much less of its timing. No one has right to end it. Only the Creator of life can. Dionisio
The crowd was yuge. Andrew asauber
The Trump address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v77snL8J1i8 kairosfocus
A reminder:
These Irish Eyes Don't Blink Excerpt: the abortion "House of Horrors," as the Philadelphia Women's Medical Society at 3801 Lancaster Avenue came to be known, was also discovered quite by accident.,,, They walked into a veritable waking nightmare. A cat had the run of the place, and the stench of cat feces, urine, and formaldehyde hung in the air. There was blood on the floor, urine on the stairs, and piles of trash everywhere. The chairs, blankets, and all surfaces were drowning in cat hair, and the medical equipment was unsanitary, outdated, rusty, and lying haphazardly about the place in varying states of disrepair. The more they looked around, the worse it got. A metal cupboard housed jars of severed baby feet. Refrigerators and freezers scattered throughout the cobbled-together maze of a building held more bloody fetal remains—they were stuffed into used water jugs, milk jugs, cat-food containers, plastic bags, and Minute Maid juice bottles. The basement housed -fetal remains stacked to the ceiling. It was the stuff of horror movies, but this was no Hollywood set. This was real life. Semiconscious women moaned in the waiting room, while none of the post-op patients were hooked up to any kind of monitoring device. Two were bleeding heavily and in such distress that paramedics were called, only to discover that the emergency exit door had been padlocked shut, and no one could find a key. Meanwhile, Gosnell wanted to do an abortion while the investigators went about their work. When he finished, he sat down at his desk wearing torn, bloody surgical gloves and ate his dinner, gesturing with his chopsticks while answering investigators' questions.,,, ,,, The most powerful testimonies in the trial, Ann said, were those of the abortion doctors themselves when describing what constituted "a good, legal abortion." Nearly everyone on the jury was pro-choice at the outset, but some let out audible gasps as an expert witness abortionist explained in detail what she did. Nor was it just Phelim, Ann, and jury members who would reexamine their views. "Prosecutors, several journalists, and even Gosnell's own lawyer ultimately experienced changes of heart and mind," Ann wrote. "Basically, once you find out the truth about abortion, you drop the pro-choice easy narrative very quickly," says Phelim. "Abortion is like an article of faith for some people, you know? They don't think about it, but they just are pro-abortion. I'll tell you, their faith was shattered. Everyone's faith was shattered." http://www.salvomag.com/new/articles/salvo42/these-irish-eyes-dont-blink.php
Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuteH_kg33I kairosfocus
News, thanks, listening to Pence. KF kairosfocus
Here's the link if the code disappears again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwdi8TunG3U News
Folks, thanks to a UD family member on the ground, we have live pictures now up as an update. At ground zero, ordinary people take a stand. KF PS: Thanks, News for help on the embed, if I read it right, we are 12 minutes out now on the live address. kairosfocus
To be fair, almost half of US presidents have been the object of either assassination attempts or plots. 4 out of 45 presidents (44 men) were actually assassinated. daveS
Bob O'H, it would be good if they did. Maybe you have details? Canadians would say they were late entering WWII... but the good thing is that, when they did, Hitler was soon on the run. News
News @ 2 - does genocide not count as monstrous evil, or have US presidents just never addressed it? Bob O'H
It's unfortunate that the ruling came down in the winter. The march would be better attended in warmer weather. ET
News, see updates. KF PS: Embed was stripped on post, oh well. kairosfocus
Isn't Donald Trump speaking too? That's news, if true: What it really means if Trump addresses the March for Life Trump had better have good security. The last sitting president who addressed a monstrous evil—the legal forced labour, selling as commodities, flogging, mutilation, and murder of humans beings )African American slavery)—was Lincoln, also a Republican, who was later assassinated in office on that account. News
2018 March for Life in Washington, DC: 45th annual response to the 1973 Abortion on Demand US Supreme Court Decision kairosfocus

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