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Commentator George Will thinks progressives are like creationists?

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Or versa vice? From commentator George Will at National Review:

Creationists of the Secular Kind

“Secular theists” — economist Don Boudreaux’s term — produce governments gripped by the fatal conceit that they are wiser than society’s spontaneous experimental order. Such governments’ imposed order suffocates improvisation and innovation. Like religious creationists gazing upon biological complexity, secular theists assume that social complexity requires an intentional design imposed from on high by wise designers, aka them. In The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge, Matt Ridley refutes the secular creationists’ fallacious idea that because social complexity is the result of human actions, it must, or should, be the result of human design. In fact, Ridley says, “Far more than we like to admit, the world is to a remarkable extent a self-organizing, self-changing place.”

What explains the reluctance to admit this? Perhaps the human mind evolved to seek a Designer behind designs. (“On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel,” Ridley says, “Adam and God touch fingers. To the uneducated eye it is not clear who is creating whom.”) Or perhaps people feel anxious if no one is in charge. Ridley’s point is that everyone is in charge of social change. It is propelled by what Friedrich Hayek, echoing Darwin, called “selection by imitation of successful institutions and habits.” This is a broad-based, bottom-up process by which society, like Darwinian nature, is constantly experimenting.More.

Will’s a smart guy but his analogy doesn’t really make sense.

The trouble is, it doesn’t conform to social realities. Creationists are only rarely progressives and vice versa.

Creationists see human beings as independent creators, for better or worse, whereas naturalists see us as big-brained apes, whose brains were shaped for fitness, not for truth. The top down approach of progressive government comes much more naturally to the progressive than to the creationist.

Maybe the explanation is simpler than philosophers might suppose: Will hates progressives. And he hates creationists. So he attempts to conflate them into a twofer. It will be interesting to see who finds his conflation persuasive.

See also: why is everybody a creationist now?

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The "fabric", for lack of a better word, the fabric of our American society is made from the threads of the Protestant Puritans as much as it is woven with the work ethic and the ideas even amongst the Deists who were informed as well by the Bible and its interpretations by the differing creeds and confessions of the differing churches, some who came here to escape persecution by the Anglican Church of England. That is where this country began and grew. The Constitution to be truly understood needs an understanding of the Bible to enlighten it's interpreters. The idea that a Supreme Court Judge isn't fit to judge because he is religious would have been utter anathema, considered accursed by the Founding Fathers of this country. Jefferson even though he wasn't a Christian put ideas of God given rights not government given, but God given. The case has been made that what is keeping this country together is the capital leftover from the Judeo-Christian ethics of our Founders. I am in my 60's and I probably won't be alive when the capital is spent and there is no more left will leave a deficit that will make room for a tyrant from within or from without is a sure thing. You see to control a lawless society "power will come from the barrel of a gun." Mao Tse Tung said that and he killed by the millions of his own people. Without a revival greater than The Great Awakening led by Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield and John Wesley is what saved Great Britain many historians believe. I believe the USA that we know now will not exist as a free country in 30 to 50 years from now if the people do not repent and turn to God in Christ. I do not think we can continue going on the way we are. The state of California is bankrupt and they are giving money and medical care to foreign invaders, it's being taxed to death and it cannot continue being propped up by Washington. Where is their common sense? When you are broke you don't give resources away. Minds darkened by sin with no enlightenment by God cannot make good judgements. Abortion and the definition of marriage turned on its head prove that hypothesis. What are they going to do when the Christian Capital runs dry? I do not know and there is a megalomaniac narcissist running for POTUS and look at how much support he is getting. Trump probably won't win, but I said probably.This is just a foretaste of what is to come. Obama is the best gun salesman I've ever seen. Every time he talks about gun control people buy up guns left and right. But watch Trump, if he runs as a third candidate then the Democrats are going to have the presidency for another 4 years at least. And Hillary or Sanders will continue to destroy this country. The Capital that the left has borrowed from the Christian tradition is running out and I have grandchildren that I love. jimmontg
Donald Trump, as so often happens, captured the essence Mr. George Will. Trump asked "Why does he wear those glasses?", providing the answer "He hopes that maybe we will think he's smart". Mr. Will approvingly quotes Ridley's writing “On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel,” Ridley says, “Adam and God touch fingers. To the uneducated eye it is not clear who is blah blah blah" But Oops. They are are not touching fingers. They are striving to, but not quite making it. That fact is crucial to an understanding of the painting. Could anything be more laughable, than a pompous writer attempting to sneer at the rubes by citing one of the most famous works of art in history, shows off his ignorance to millions of people. chris haynes
I don't know if Will hates creationists? they are part of the demagraphics that are on the conservative side. The smarter and gooder people(off the record). I don't see society as organizing itself. it is designed as much as biology is BUT it has mechanisms within it that have a mind of their own. what could be more designed then america. America ios really a evangelical puritan protestant English civilization that since colonization has bumped into other identities and formed a nation and bumped into other nations. Its moral and intellectual curves of accomplishment , relative to others, is entirely from this equation. America is still organized from this, under Gods blessing, and nothing has or probably could change it. It is designed.. Just like in biology. Its just more complicated then simple math. Its calculus. Yet its logical. Its not chaos. Robert Byers

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