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Richard Walker’s website and radio show Creation: Myth or Miracle?

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UD is privileged to have occasional visits by radio show hosts like Jason Rennie, Bob Enyart, and now we can add to the list, Richard Walker.

I’ve often said, ID needs to be marketed to the creationist community. This may seem surprising since many creationists already accept ID. But believing a claim isn’t the same as being versant in a claim. I believe in magnetism and electricity, but that’s quite different than being versant in understanding magnetism and electricity. Engineering and Physics students really can appreciate the difference between believing and understanding!

Studying ID is more than just believing it, it is understanding it, and understanding ID will help someone better understand creation. I am so grateful ID is welcomed by segments of the creationist community. Thank you Richard Walker for recommending our weblog, I wish more creationists would appreciate the work of the ID community. Here Richard’s website:


I’m a former atheist evolutionist who is now a Christian creationist. This site will contain discussion of foundational topics related to evaluating competing worldviews; especially the materialist / humanist / naturalist / atheist and the Biblical / Christian / Creationist.

If one’s worldview is false, that is, does not match reality, then one is essentially living in a fantasy world. Using a false worldview to interpret the world around us leads to confusion as the interpretations required by the worldview conflict with what is actually observed. It was precisely a conflict of this type that caused me to realize the incompleteness of my atheist beliefs.

4 Replies to “Richard Walker’s website and radio show Creation: Myth or Miracle?

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    Robert Byers says:

    Amen. All creationist tribes should be very interested and think about the popular ideas in creationism from ID or YEC.

  2. 2
    Querius says:

    Yeah, frame of reference is the physical equivalent of worldview.

    I’ll always remember a film I saw in a high school physics class. It showed four solemn men in suits sitting at a round table: North, South, East, and West. One of the attempted to roll a wooden ball across the table. Instead, the ball veered to the man on his right. And so on. Then the teacher stopped the film and asked for explanations.

    No, there were no magnets or grooves or jets of air.

    Then the film was turned back on and the camera moved back until we could see that the men, table, and ball, were all on a large turntable.

    The ball had been going straight. It was the table underneath it that was turning. And now it all made sense!


  3. 3
    RWalk says:

    Sal, thanks for noticing!

    It is unfortunate when we ignore useful sources of information and reasoning just because we may disagree with a portion of it. Moreover, if we were to apply that reasoning to ourselves, we’d realize that unless we have all the ‘facts’ right, we would have to ignore our own thoughts.

    Furthermore, if we admit we probably have some false beliefs, then why would we restrict our interactions to those who completely agree with us – that is, unless we want to make sure we never learn anything…


  4. 4
    Bob Enyart says:

    Salvador, yes, thanks for making the introductions here. I had the honor of speaking with Richard yesterday, and I’m so glad to hear that he is airing creation/evolution issues on WROL 950AM in Boston! Wow, what a great opportunity to reach people with the evidence for the Designer!

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