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Much thanks to Nullasalus for “What should the ID proponent do with multiverse speculations?”

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File:Multiverse - level II.svg His answer: Embrace them. (They make nonsense out of materialist ideology.)

A couple of thoughts in response:

*If we live in an infinite multiverse, Intelligent Design is no longer a possibility – it is a certainty. Sure, so is everything. And its opposite. And everyone is a dream everyone else is having:

And God is back too, but not like you remember him. Agnostic physicist Paul Davies explains:

Far from doing away with a transcendent Creator, the multiverse theory actually injects that very concept at almost every level of its logical structure. Gods and worlds, creators and creatures, lie embedded in each other, forming an infinite regress in unbounded space.

So God turns out to be just one more note of cacophony in the transcendent goofiness. More. 😉

* While Intelligent Design becomes a certainty (at least somewhere), Darwinism becomes obsolete and obscure. Unless ours is one of the infinity of universes where Darwinism happens to rule.

* Theism becomes true on the spot – specifically, polytheism. Now there’s a thought. Especially if they are gods only in universes other than the ones they live in. 😉

* If ID proponents embrace the multiverse, there’s a good chance the scientific community will drop it like a hot potato. Or declare infinite levels of multiverse (not just four) to which we don’t have passes.

Question: If they have a head start on the irresponsibly bizarre, could anyone who started later catch up with them, even in infinity?

The Science Fictions series at your fingertips (cosmology).

A universe in the infinite multiverse where there is no multiverse... OA94 that's genius!! johnp
What if there are multiverses whereupon only universes existed? My head is spinning from the mishmash of philosophy and cosmology. OldArmy94
Thanks to all. Both entertaining and instructive. Seriously though, Darwin's Club beats Occam's Razor. That is, once we've acknowledge that things need not even make sense, the big guys just start throwing their weight around, and they're the big guys. It is a game we could play if truth mattered to everyone. I don't sense the concept even exists any longer in many such quarters. “Peter Woit, this is your call to conversion,”to see the shape of things to come. Remember, SciAm (Nature owns it?) is sponsoring this nonsense. News
Andre, Well, I'm glad the approach had some practical use for you. Excellent. nullasalus
I used this yesterday in a conversation with an atheist, it worked, multiverse was discarded very quickly by him once I made it clear that in an infinite multiverse a flying spaghetti monster will exist with absolute certainty and so will many other gods. :) Andre
Yes, well, I can now see the logic in people supporting both the multiverse theory and ID and/or creationism, so I think I will now start withdrawing my opposition to multiverses. If the odds of one universe coming about without an intelligent designer are so near impossible as to round it off to impossible, the odds of multiverses coming about by chance seem to be, oh, whatever the word is for something infinitely stronger than impossible. And obviously we wouldn't need multiple intelligent designers. If an intelligent designer were intelligent enough to design one universe, the same intelligent designer is obviously capable of designing multiverses intelligently. It's starting to come together for me, but I hope no-one actually asks for my evidence for multiverses before I get this sorted out. TimT
Thanks for the endorsement, News. I'm surprised I don't see more about this when the multiverse comes up. nullasalus

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