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When Darwin’s followers go crazy

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They get into princess wars.

Here’s something I wrote to friends about a recent controversy over a Disney movie:

What? The heroine turns into a frog?

In classic literature, it is always the hero who must assume that more dreadful fate. The heroine awaits him after he gets out of the stupid frogsuit.

They used to say: Faint heart never won fair lady.

(The bridegroom was expected to put up with this kind of stuff for a while because, in the end, here comes the bride!)

Fact: No one you would ever want to hear about again (in a story) is really and finally a frog. Frogs do not HAVE stories. If he or she is still a frog and that’s fine, it is not a story.

The supposed “creationist” angle is addrsed here. Case you wondered

– O’Leary for News

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