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Is “evolutionary psychology” taking a hike south?

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I am running out of totally stupid evo psych stories to link. Since Denis Dutton died, Arts and Letters Daily just hasn’t been featuring them.

Someone there must have a grain of sense and all.

(Like, how the cave man explains why some guys drive drunk just isn’t getting lots of face time any more.)

There’s actually a whole journal about this stuff if you care. (Presumably, you are retired on a fat pension.)

The only thing I’ve ever thought about evolutionary psychology is that it is a self-defeating proposition from the get go.

If “evolution” a million years ago explains modern day politics, that just means no evolution happened. Everything is the same as it was a million years ago with no evolution at all.

Hope you don’t pay taxes for that journal.

– O’Leary for News

I'm glad I have the option of completely ignoring this stuff in my practice. I hope this forum finds it comforting that this topic was never touched in my graduate work, nor in any professional training elsewhere. It's hokum! Bateman

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