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Audio: Would Thomas Jefferson have wanted design theory taught in school?


Photo of Thomas JeffersonMaybe …

This Intelligent Design: The Future podcast explores Jefferson’s actual views on design:

Critics of intelligent design sometimes claim they are defending the principles of American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson in trying to ban discussions of intelligent design. In the words of one writer, “Thomas Jefferson makes it quite clear that there was not a consensus of support among the authors of the Constitution… to support theological doctrines such as intelligent design.” But would Thomas Jefferson himself agree? In this special July 4th edition of ID the Future, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow John West explores the real views of Jefferson on intelligent design.

Actually, as a deist, Jefferson would likely have got along great with the later Antony Flew.

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ICR this month in Acts and facts had a excellent article about the founding fathers belief in a God as behind the creation. They clearly presumed and wanted everyone to presume the universe and nature was created by a God. So of coarse they would insist that in explaining origins to kids that God would be the explanation. Trying to say a very Puritan and anglican etc protestant English etc people did not want or allow public schools to teach God and Genesis and put this in the great trumping law called the constitution is just an absurdity of insight. Origins are facts and unrelated to theology as the people back then saw it. Theology is about the contentions of revealed religion. Not settled or to be settled upon a nation. However god and genesis is settled. Robert Byers

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