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Broadcaster tells new atheists: Quit whinging


Aud. Tranny.:

If the atheists of the world could ever organize themselves into a non-religious church, their first Pope would undoubtedly be Richard

I have been lucky enough to have interviewed the two most famous atheists in the world, Professor Dawkins himself and the late Christopher Hitchens.

And while there was little difference in their arguments, there was one thing that did differentiate them; Christopher had a sense of humour; Dawkins, not so much.

Therein lies the problem I have with atheism.

Atheists are not being prosecuted or silenced. They are lovingly tended by media interviewers, me included, and their nuanced arguments are politely acknowledged.

The problem to me is that they won’t shut up about it.

The public, endless public profession of atheism to me reflects a whiny, whinging self-pitying narcissism. More.

National newspaper columnist Elizabeth Renzetti, an atheist herself, agrees. Unholier than thou!: Renzetti here, “Heavens, we atheists have become a smug, dreary lot”

Gosh, when you are alienating government broadcasters (Enright works for one) and reliably progressive papers like Renzetti’s, face it, your act isn’t playing to the crowd any more.

Come to think of it, when was the last time atheist centres were firebombed? Don’t we associate those problems with a different type of minority? Wait till the atheists meet up with people who really do persecute.

PS: Some have asked what “whinging” means. It means (as used among Brits and Canucks) whining tiresomely enough to make people cringe.

Little Whinging is a town in the English county of Surrey. Little Whinging is the home of Harry Potter, the Dursleys, and Arabella Figg.
Whinging" is another word for whining, an activity that Dudley Dursley and Vernon Dudley particularly enjoy.
It was picked up in Canada and widely used and used *in the TRANSCRIPT*: "Whine" so as to cause others to "cringe" = "whinge." PS: Suitable immigrant, are you? Welcome to Canada. Oh no, you were not just visiting. We have erased your former identity and issued you a new passport. You may pick it up at the OUT gate. ;) - O'Leary for News News
whinged, whing·ing, whing·es Chiefly British To complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner. SteRusJon
What does whinging mean?
It's what Axel immediately resorted to as soon as he found out he wasn't going to be Ms Brisbane. Mung
What does whinging mean? Collin
'Sometimes it’s in a routine way, largely accessible to our analytical intelligence, but at others, it’s not so.' I should have added: 'It takes time, often a long time, for the meaning and/or significance to filter through.' Axel
That's interesting, KN. I'm anti-clerical in that clericalism has distorted the witness of the Catholic Church enormously down the centuries, but I love most of the clergy, who, post Vatican II, are generally a different kettle of fish. But there can still be major improvement in the theology of the priesthood/ministry, it seems to me, and I hope to see it one day. Not that I would presume to think of myself as a theologian. I'm not temperamentally suited to assiduous, prescribed study, unless the field of knowledge is 'cut and dried'. That anarchist streak you see in yourself, though evidently you have excelled in your studies. I am not naturally drawn to large groups, either. Even friends - well, I could 'put up with' any number of female friends of all ages (I've lived with them most of my life. My mother and I go back a long way), but for male pals, I prefer a few old ones as close friends, to many more casual friends. Acquaintances is a different matter. I like most people and like to see friendly acquaintances. But the longer I live, the greater my admiration for the distilled wisdom of the Catholic Church, accumulated down the centuries, for all the human and sometimes inhuman madness of some its administration in different areas at different times. I don't believe that there is one criticism of the RC Church which at least one bishop, at one time or another, will not have identified and defined with often hilariously epigrammatic precision. And it is a very, very supernatural church. The sacraments of various kinds are literally miraculous, yet performed every day. Mind you, I don't know whether it has been formally defined by our Church as a sacrament, but the bible strikes me as being one, in that the moment you start reading any of it, you come into direct communion with God, in a more striking way than the more normal indwelling of the Holy Spirit. But it's more of a prayerful encounter, although certainly of didactic value, an opening up to the Holy Spirit, than purely a source of plainly stated information, as such, even though drafted in the plainest language. It's full of mystery, which only the Holy Spirit can get to the bottom of. Sometimes it's in a routine way, largely accessible to our analytical intelligence, but at others, it's not so. I like being part of a big outfit. A bit like General Woundwort's men/rabbits. When I worked at Ford's truck plant in Langley, Berks, we were kind of proud to be working for big, bad Ford's. Also, the royal artillery (senior regt, right of the line!). But it didn't stop me from being my own man in either. I speak as I find, and it gets me into a lot of trouble. Axel
It seems odd to me because my affinity to atheism is really grounded in my anticlericalism, which is turn is one aspect of my hostility to authoritarian social and political structures generally. Whereas a church just is an authoritarian social (and sometimes political) structure. So joining a church pulls in the exact opposite direction from my anticlericalism. (Let it be noted that my anticlericalism is, as I see it, pretty much aligned with my hostility towards "bigness" in general, whether statist, corporatist, etc. Fact is, if I had the full courage of my convictions, I'd be an anarchist.) Kantian Naturalist
Maybe because virulent, combative atheists tend to be nihilists, KN. They have nothing, coherent thinking tends to be closed to them for religious reasons. An obstinate, unshakeable faith in Non-God, in the teeth of any and all evidence. They took over the UK Labour Party from its founder, Keir Hardie, a Methodist lay-preacher; they took over the EU, which had been founded by a devout, Catholic Christian, Robert Schuman, whose life is currently being researched by the Church authorities in a beatification process.; they've taken over the UK Conservative party, de facto, whatever their particular professed allegiances. In the past, they had always considered the second commandment to be negotiable, but now seemingly scorning even negotiations with the Almighty. Science so stoutly built upon the foundations and paradigms of believers, from theists to deists, is now, together with the national Government itself, in the financial thrall of the hideously atheistic and morally depraved, large corporations. I'm sure the list is much longer, but for the time being, these are significant enough for our country. In short, atheist activists have no choice but to remain parasites battening off the infrastructure bequeathed them by christendom. Axel
Why any 'atheist' would want to join a "non-religious church" is completely beyond me. Kantian Naturalist
(Now an important point to make here is that if that process is genuinely random, then there is nothing that physiology, or physiologists, can say about that process....) Priceless. All the insanity of their most basic axioms stated 'in a nutshell'. Axel
As to "Pope" Richard Dawkins, the former Pope says that "Pope" Richard Dawkins writes science fiction:
Richard Dawkins Writes 'Science Fiction,' Former Pope Says - 09/27/2013 Excerpt: "There is, moreover, science fiction in a big way just even within the theory of evolution," Benedict wrote. "'The Selfish Gene' by Richard Dawkins is a classic example of science fiction." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/27/richard-dawkins-science-fiction-pope-benedict_n_4001924.html?ir=Science
Think the former Pope is wrong (i.e. fallible) about Dawkins book? Well perhaps Denis Nobel will convince you:
Modern Synthesis Of Neo-Darwinism Is False – Denis Nobel – video http://www.metacafe.com/w/10395212 ,, In the preceding video, Dr Nobel states that around 1900 there was the integration of Mendelian (discrete) inheritance with evolutionary theory, and about the same time Weismann established what was called the Weismann barrier, which is the idea that germ cells and their genetic materials are not in anyway influenced by the organism itself or by the environment. And then about 40 years later, circa 1940, a variety of people, Julian Huxley, R.A. Fisher, J.B.S. Haldane, and Sewell Wright, put things together to call it ‘The Modern Synthesis’. So what exactly is the ‘The Modern Synthesis’? It is sometimes called neo-Darwinism, and it was popularized in the book by Richard Dawkins, ‘The Selfish Gene’ in 1976. It’s main assumptions are, first of all, is that it is a gene centered view of natural selection. The process of evolution can therefore be characterized entirely by what is happening to the genome. It would be a process in which there would be accumulation of random mutations, followed by selection. (Now an important point to make here is that if that process is genuinely random, then there is nothing that physiology, or physiologists, can say about that process. That is a very important point.) The second aspect of neo-Darwinism was the impossibility of acquired characteristics (mis-called “Larmarckism”). And there is a very important distinction in Dawkins’ book ‘The Selfish Gene’ between the replicator, that is the genes, and the vehicle that carries the replicator, that is the organism or phenotype. And of course that idea was not only buttressed and supported by the Weissman barrier idea, but later on by the ‘Central Dogma’ of molecular biology. Then Dr. Nobel pauses to emphasize his point for clarity and states “All these rules have been broken!”. Professor Denis Noble is President of the International Union of Physiological Sciences.

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