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Commentator David Klinghoffer notices a trend


He notes, regarding scientists who mysteriously disappear after they start muttering that Darwinism is bullshot or something similar,

The University of Kentucky chose to pay a $125,000 settlement to Gaskell, now at the University of Texas, after Gaskell’s attorneys released records of e-mail traffic among the faculty hiring committee. Seeking a scientist to head UK’s observatory, professors complained that Gaskell was “potentially Evangelical,” while a lone astrophysicist on the committee protested that Gaskell stood to be rejected “despite his qualifications that stand far above those of any other applicant.”This is no isolated incident. An enormous, largely hidden transformation has taken place in what we mean when we speak of “science.” For centuries, the free and unfettered scientific enterprise was fueled by a desire to know the mind of God. “The success of the West,” writes historian Rodney Stark in his important book The Victory of Reason, “including the rise of science, rested entirely on religious foundations, and the people who brought it about were devout Christians.” Now, increasingly, voicing such a desire is likely to get you excluded from the guild of professional scientists.

For years, I’ve tracked the stories that come out regularly about scientists of impeccable credentials whose religion-friendly beliefs proved injurious to their career. In some fields, notably biology and cosmology, Christians who voice doubts about Darwinian theory pay a particularly high price.

That’s because other Christians have bought into big ticket irrelevance and don’t care.

If that ever changes, here’s how you will know:

Darwin’s thugs will increasingly prey on mediocre scientists and avoid the ones with “impeccable credentials.” Today, they know they can take out even the best, and the only response from the Christian community will be to change the channel.

It’s too bad, really. The expelled are decent guys really, but they are no match for “Christian entertainment.” Only Christian individuals can decide to turn it OFF at the spout and get serious.

AMEN. Indeed the rise in intelligence, so this science concept, is from Christian civilization. In fact i would insist its from the Evangelical/Puritan motivation since Martin Luther. Therefore the lands most inhabited by and influenced by these people have become the highest intellectual societys. Namely the Anglo-American civilization. Evangelical christians historically and today have been most numerous here and influential. A motivation that gave a marginal gain in moral and intellectual results relative to a Roman Catholic civilization and later a Anglican One. Motivation explains all human achievement. Evangelical Protestantism demanded man had a right and ability and a calling to be better then just surviving. this lead to a compound interest of gain on gain. Evangelical christianity, the core of biblical creationism, is in fact the origin of the modern civilization of mankind. Excellent investigation of nature, science, is a Christian thing in origin. Evolution thumpers will lose fighting this intellectual heritage. They and everyone else are just adopted children to the better heeled family. Robert Byers

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