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From New Scientist, a “god” edition

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“To rule out god, first get to know him.” Oh yeh. Good luck with that one.


Atheists often see gods and religion as being imposed from above, a bit like a totalitarian regime. But religious belief is more subtle and interesting than that. In these articles we lay out a new scientific vision that promises to, if not resolve ancient tensions, at least reset the terms of the debate.

Like it or not, religious belief is ingrained into human nature. And a good thing too: without it we would still be living in the Stone Age.

Viewing religion this way opens up new territory in the battle between science and religion, not least that religion is much more likely to persist than science.

Of course, the truth or otherwise of religion is not a closed book to science: the existence of a deity can be treated as a scientific hypothesis.

Not among these people, because they would not be able to address the possibility that God (not “god” exists.)

Are these people government-funded in the UK?

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This my favourite line in the editorial: "This is not an apologia for god. Religious claims still wither under rational scrutiny and deserve no special place in public life." Same old, same old... except this guy's got an angle, although not an entirely novel one (the oddbod occasionally gets a luminous idea from time to time), and he realises that whatever he believes about theists, he has wall-to-wall idiots in his own camp to educate about some of the fundamental truths about the battle, which appear to have completely eluded them. In fact, he cites them quite honestly and forthrightly. They seem pretty much in line with Alain De Bottin's recent 'cri de coeur', which, of course, only served to send them into paroxisms of fury (and doubtless prompted death-threats.) The article below might throw a little more light on the issue for him in his own befuddlement: http://www.simpletoremember.com/articles/a/atheism-in-decline-worldwide/ Axel

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