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Has NASA spotted a rat on Mars?

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Last time, it was a face.

In fact,

To take advantage of this psychological phenomenon closer to home, designers at Berlin’s Onformative studio developed an algorithm that scans the surface of the earth with Google Maps, picking out geographical structures that are likely to be construed as having face-like features, science blog iO9 recently pointed out.

Their algorithm found faces in fields, mustaches in mountains, hills with actual eyes.

That’s the real story, how we interpret images.

Just curious why nobody is mentioning the more obvious jack-a-lope standing behind the rock in the photo (below the rat). JGuy
Design in nature may be an illusion but function sure ain't. That rat rock does nothing. DNA does. lpadron
If "iO9" is a science blog, then I am the Queen of England. I've read more about celebrities and television there than I have actual science. Barb
Note: These comments were written by O'Leary, not McLatchie. For some reason they appear under his name. News
Of COURSE we didn't go to the moon. We sent the stupid rats like we always do. We never figured on them moving out on their own and, like, taking over a planet! News
Question is: will rat evolve into elephant? :) Eugen
I would just like to add that this is further proof that we never went to the moon. Rats, however, did. lpadron
Rats!!! News
Methinks so this is their subtle attempt to claim that design in nature is an illusion. OldArmy94

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