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Low performance kids? Don’t blame the kid’s genes


Says psychologist Oliver James at the Guardian:

Low intelligence and high rates of mental illness are more common in poor people. Geneticists maintain that genes play a major role in causing both. But if they were right there would be an inexorable logic that suggests inferior DNA caused poor people to sink to the bottom of the gene pool.

In the light of the findings of the human genome project, however, that idea is no longer defensible – as the leading psychologist Ken Richardson recently pointed out in the house magazine of the psychology profession. On the contrary, the implication of the unimportance of genes is that if we changed society in the right ways, we could virtually eradicate not only low academic performance and mental illness but also criminality and problems such as substance abuse.

Since the project published its results 16 years ago, genes have been found that have a significant influence on physical traits like height and weight, so you might have expected the same for psychology by now. But Britain’s leading geneticist – Robert Plomin, of King’s College, London – hasn’t found any specific DNA variants that have a significant effect on differences in our psychology.

Scientists call this the missing heritability. But there are strong grounds for supposing the heritability is not actually missing – it’s non-existent.More.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG And here we thought epigenetics could somehow be twisted to make poor performance at least somebody else’s fault — preferably that of our distant descendants… wouldn’t get no backchat from them anytime soon. Retro Biscuit Tin

James makes a serious argument for nurture as the key ingredient.

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Its always been dumb to see IQ as related to genes just by looking at real people. Yes dumber people will be poorer relative to the average. Yes they will be more provoked to 'mental' illness and also such people will be more poor. Yet the big flaw in it all is about curves in the graph. Never will you find smart or dumb people much different then the cirve or average relative to their identity of being or place. Likewise one never finds in creatures dumb/smart examples within some type of creature. they always are in a curve for the creature in intelligence and for animals never much off the average. NEVER! Evolution presumptions has led always to saying iQ is based on genes and so race/sex. its their fault and still they cling to it. If evolutionism wants to tie itself to human intelligence being beyond the free will and so in genes then they will sink faster then otherwise needed. mankind is fed up and done with saying humans intelligence is in the brain genes and not in free will and data in reach. Good thread here. Robert Byers
Recent science literature seems to point otherwise (towards the idea that IQ is influence by genetics.) Example: Genetics and intelligence differences: five special findings. Molecular Psychiatry (2015) 20, 98–108 A genome-wide analysis of putative functional and exonic variation associated with extremely high intelligence. Molecular Psychiatry (2015), 1–7 Meta-analysis of the heritability of human traits based on fifty years of twin studies. Nature Genetics 47, 702–709(2015) doi:10.1038/ng.3285 Why parenting may not matter and why most social science research is probably wrong: by Brian Boutwell December 1, 2015. Intelligence 'networks' discovered in brain for the first time by Kate Wighton 22 December 2015. T. lise

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