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Materialist atheism stays in charge – how do doubters survive?


Materialist atheism depends – fundamentally – on getting control of government, universities, and other levers of power, and forcing compliance, even in bizarre compulsory education policies. And they have succeeded. Even alleged opponents usually bow.

Here’s who won’t be any use: Self-identified Catholic philosophers who happily air casuistry that makes clear that they essentially go along with it all, by deprecating anyone who doubts the materialist creation story, Darwinism. They do not forthrightly denounce it and they pretend to be backed by Christian theology.

To say nothing of distinctly off-brand theologians, of whatever type, who are really Dawkins’ men (but he disdainfully leaves the m to announce the worst arguments): All traditional teachings about the nature of the human person must somehow accommodate Darwinism. For example, the idea that ethics is an illusion. Which traditional teachings simply can’t accommodate, hence they are doomed. Or else Darwinism is.

How many Darwinists do you run into who are unequivocally pro-life? Of course few. They do not think a human child is ultimately of any more significance than a pillbug egg. Of course not. And why should they? The whole of human history can be explained by the competition of the never-identified “selfish genes.” As every Sunday features editor knows.

Sane citizens dig in, knowing that Darwinists now rule, but waiting for deliverance from real science.

Here’s a possible antidote to the complete failure of the academy in this area. (Which, of course , includes the failure of intellectual freedom, and eventually, of civil rights.)  In bits and pieces, like always. More later.


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