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Memo from UD News: Net Neutrality is not the answer to fake news


Bio_Symposium_033.jpg Listening to the pros and cons of net neutrality’s (I bet, temporary) demise and the freakouts around the coming cyclone (we are told) of fake news:

As a lifetime newser and current provider of donor-supported news, I have some thoughts on how to avoid fake news, whether or not government or business is “helping you” (= trying to run your life for their benefit).

1. If you rarely read or hear ideas that challenge you (and freak out whenever you do), please try – really really try – to get out more. Don’t demand rules for the vast throng of adults who have learned mature judgment through regular practice.

2. Treat all news as if it were advertising. What aren’t they telling us? is a good start. Listen to the competition. Avoid people who want to spare you the trouble of thinking or deciding. Don’t make a decision until you have to. No one needs me to say this.  Experience teaches us but it costs more.

3. Remember that the media have always been, inevitably, full of fake news. You just didn’t know that before. When media were fewer and more limited and professionalized, few people saw how news is made. So it was just not as obvious as it is today.

Last August I wrote a piece on ten everyday types of fake news, Extra!! Extra!! (for example, cost-free puff predictions).

If I have time, I will write a piece this August on ten more types of fake news. Come to think of it, I never got round to the “hot weather story”… Was too busy at the time…

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Part III: What can we do about fake news that would not diminish real news? Critics of ‘fake news’ should go to China — only the government has the right to post fake news.


Extra! Extra! A handy guide to the everyday normal fake news: Surviving information overload

The policy of Neutrality is the temporary phenomenon. Everyone is forgetting that Obama's FCC enacted it TWO YEARS AGO. Before TWO YEARS AGO the net was growing and innovating, WITHOUT NEUTRALITY. And what's happened in the last two years? A whole lot of censorship and growing monopolies. If there is a causation at all, it looks like the policy of Neutrality is more closely associated with censorship. This shouldn't be a surprise. All forms of price control lead to rationing by 'something other' than price. Usually the 'something other' turns out to be ideology or status. polistra
I totally agree, News. TV and video-watching softens the brain with influential images, to smuggle in sometimes not-so-good ideas. Everyone needs to cut back a little (or a lot). Make some room for things that are real. Andrew asauber

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