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New from MercatorNet, on the impact of new media

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If the mindfulness craze is really so cool, why did Anders Breivik use it? Meditation techniques can help stressed-out executives, but they are open to abuse.

Why Big Data will not solve any problems just by getting Bigger. And when politicians get involved, the results can be memorable.

Does the Internet aid human trafficking? Yes. It makes everything faster, cheaper, and easier.

Social security numbers – are they so secure? No, they are not, and you need to know why.

How big is Google? Is it really a googleplex? No, but it is formidable anyway.

Instead of James Bond-style secrecy, why not shine a spotlight on terror? Using social media?

Control of the Internet is not a tinfoil hat cause. Please read this. Few members of the public even know much about the many proposals.

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