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Off-topic: Why Hollywood is losing ground

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Conservative sources often decry the fact that entertainment media do not re-evaluate their nihilistic direction despite faring poorly in terms of rating and numbers in recent years.

But could we look at the matter from another angle? What if Hollywood has lost the power to change, even if stasis kills it?

Today, the awardee ranting into the mike may sound more like your boring uncle at a family dinner than like your secret heartthrob. Which means that something has definitely changed. More.

3 Replies to “Off-topic: Why Hollywood is losing ground

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    bornagain77 says:

    Perhaps people working real jobs in the real world don’t like being told how to live their life by people who make their living pretending to be imaginary people in imaginary worlds?

    If anything, the advice on how to live life should be the other way around. Especially when it comes to morality.

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    polistra says:

    The real driving force for all of this corporate sin, from Amazon to GE to Target to Facebook to Hollywood, is SHARE VALUE. Corporations no longer seek profit. They no longer need customers or employees. They can raise share value by pure monetary manipulations.

    These weekly Two Hours Hate ceremonies are not aimed at viewers because viewers do not exist. Corporations don’t care about the opinions of nonexistent Unthings. They care deeply about the opinions of marketmakers like Dimon and Soros and Bloomberg.

  3. 3

    The entertainment industry is mostly in the business of producing and distributing propaganda these days. Profit is a secondary consideration. More and more people are aware of this, mostly because of the rise of alternative media. So, they tune it out as best they can, but the ideological near-monopoly (compounded by fear of blacklisting and vicious public attack for participating in such productions) makes for very limited options.

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