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Our founder Bill Dembski is quitting Twitter, moving over to Parler


He writes to say, “After more than a decade with Twitter, I’m finally done with them. Good riddance. Today I joined Parler. –Bill”

Incidentally, here’s the sort of thing that turns people off Twitter, explained by Jonathan Bartlett:

During the recent presidential election campaign, Twitter has taken mechanical censorship to new levels. Instead of censoring ways of speaking, Twitter has decided to censor specific ideas and thoughts. Automatic censorship of ideas is a problematic use of technology in itself but Twitter has been so inept that its efforts boomeranged. All the things Twitter aimed to repress were instead highlighted and Twitter itself became the butt of the joke.

By now, everyone has probably heard about Twitter’s attempt to censor the New York Post’s story about damaging materials found on Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop…

MIT’s Technology Review shows that Twitter’s attempted censorship doubled the exposure of the New York Post article about Hunter Biden.

Jonathan Bartlett, “Twitter twitted over clumsy political censorship” at Mind Matters News

Joking aside, if you just need information, you probably don’t need @jack.

Dembski might also be leaving Facebook for the same reason: Too much censorship and news management.

I hadn't even realised Bill Dembski was on twitter! Mind you, he hasn't tweeted anything since 2013. Bob O'H
@Mahuma: Amen on a hundred times better. Before the web, dissidents had to own and operate a printing press to reach a few thousand people. Now we can reach unlimited numbers. The partial censorship of Twitter and FB simply provides a handy guide to truth. If FB doesn't like the information, it's more likely to be true. Also, I'm not convinced that Parler is any more "free" than FB. Just for fun I tried to join, and couldn't even apply because I don't have a cellphone. FB provides a sort of second-class citizenship for non-iPhoners but doesn't keep us out entirely. Requiring total linkage to the matrix is LESS respectful of privacy. polistra
Evolution is an occasional pleasure. I'm mostly into history and wars and political theory. These are each different Thought Crime minefields, and I was caught again last week. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. (Hey, when I was an altar boy, we still said the Mass in Latin...) But things are a hundred times better than they used to be (you had to PRAY your letter to the editor would get printed). So we change and adapt and "evolve" (when polar bears first learnt how to hunt seals efficiently, did that count as Evolution?) I'm actually more interested in the Cosmology-side of the discussions, but Michael Behe's writing is... Masterful. mahuna

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