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Update 2: Springer has forwarded Jerry Coyne’s concern re creationist paper

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to the editors of the journal:

Please be informed that I have forwarded this concern to our Journal Contact. Rest assured that I will contact you once we receive a response from them.

If you have questions, please let me know. Jerry Coyne, “Springer writes me again about the creationist paper they published; perhaps the firm’s response in the works” at Why Evolution Is True

Coyne, author of Why Evolution Is True, promises to “ rest assured—for the time being.”

Our scout will doubtless keep us abreast of developments. He also sends the following, which he encountered at the same time:

I never thought that I’d be on the same side as biologist Ken Miller when it comes to issues of science and religion. But we are this time, in an article by Kimberly Leonard in The Washington Examiner (click on screenshot below). It’s about Right-wing religionists calling for Dr. Francis Collins to be fired as director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—on the grounds that he favors the use of research employing fetal tissue. He also favored research using embryonic stem cells, which got him into hot water with believers some years ago.

The curious thing is that Collins, as you probably know, is an evangelical Christian, and wrote a book, The Language of God: A Scientists Presents Evidence for Belief, full of religious superstition and frankly risible statements about why the Path of Jesus was the right one, as well as allusions to frozen tripartite waterfalls that prompted Collins’s conversion (he was an atheist when younger)…

Now I, along with Ken MIller and others, are defending Collins, for on the matter of research using otherwise to-be-discarded material from aborted fetuses and frozen embryos, he’s right, and his religious critics are, well, totally irrational. Jerry Coyne, “In which Ken Miller and I defend Francis Collins against the religious Right” at Why Evolution Is True

See also: Update: Springer defends publication of creationist paper to Jerry Coyne He got a reply within 24 hours, one which he considers “lame and evasive.”


A Springer journal has published a creationist paper. And Darwinian evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, author of Why Evolution Is True, is, needless to say, upset. It’s a good question, though, if we end universalism in science (and that’s all the rage), why creationism in an anthropology and ethnology journal doesn’t follow. Who is Jerry Coyne to say they can’t do that?

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    ET says:

    The author of the paper should feel safe because there is no way that Coyne nor anyone else will be able to demonstrate that humans have a non-human for an ancestor.

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