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Researchers: DNA replication problems can cause epigenetic changes

nematode worms with embryos/Adam Klosin, CRG

From ScienceDaily:

Scientists reveal that a fault in the process that copies DNA during cell division can cause epigenetic changes that may be inherited for up-to five generations. They also identified the cause of these epigenetic changes, which is related to the loss of a molecular mechanism in charge of silencing genes. Their results, which will be published in Science Advances on 16 August, will change the way we think about the impact of replication stress in cancer and during embryonic development, as well as its inter-generational inheritance. Paper. (public access) – A. Klosin, K. Reis, C. Hidalgo-Carcedo, E. Casas, T. Vavouri, B. Lehner. Impaired DNA replication derepresses chromatin and generates a transgenerational inherited epigenetic memory. Science Advances, 2017 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1701143 More.

People have always sensed that epigenetic changes can matter. But when the entire idea is dismissed as nonsense (thanks, Darwinists!) fact and folklore are dismissed together. Folklore wins when fact cannot be legitimately studied.

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