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A bedtime story for non-Darwinists


Once upon a time, a bush plane (Air Bear) was bravely buffeting the winds in the far north. Besides the pilot, there were three people: An important evolutionary psychologist, who was going up north to study the impact of the selfish gene on the human biota; the Prime Minister, who was attempting to settle a potentially violent dispute about hunting lodge rights, and a little girl, who was joining her physician parents at an outpost medical clinic.

The pilot had a heart attack at the controls. No one else knew how to fly a plane, or land it.

Inconveniently, there were only two parachutes.

The evolutionary biologist jumped up and started shrieking, “I am the most brilliant scientist of all time! My selfish genes must be passed on! You don’t count.” He grabbed one of the packages and jumped out of the plane.

The Prime Minister turned to the little girl and said, “My dear, listen. I have a very important job. But someone else could do it. I’m an old man. You have your whole life ahead of you. You must take the parachute, and I will help you out of the plane.”

The little girl said, “ Not to worry, Mr. Prime Minister. There is a parachute for each of us. The most brilliant scientist of all time has just grabbed my school backpack and jumped out of the plane.”

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"Our only goal is to live at all costs so we can reproduce." It's even less than that, Eric. It is not we, who actually live, but our genes! We are just machines for transporting genes from generation to generation. Our consciousness and our self are memes! Nothing is real except genes! That is an expected logical conclusion of the wrong assumptions laid in the foundation of Darwinism. Sometimes I think that our contemporary world is an asylum where anyone can say all sorts of nonsense backed up by skillfully fabricated "evidence" to connect the dots with a thick marker the way he needs. Science is a helping tool for a purpose. And it is a disaster when instead of being a tool it starts directing our lives. Eugene S
I dunno if it is irrelevant. Selfish genes. Our only goal is to live at all costs so we can reproduce. Altruism is an illusion. I've heard the same joke before, with other people as the dummy who jumps out with the backpack. But it seems to work pretty well with the evolutionary biologist whose selfish genes cause him to make a hasty, and rash, mistake. Eric Anderson
Too cute!! ;-) Blue_Savannah
Really, this should not have been posted. It's childish and uncalled for. If you want to be taken seriously in debate, you don't call your opponent a monkey... ThoughtSpark

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