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But which of Darwin’s dogs would Jerry Coyne be?


Further to “A debate with Jerry Coyne? Why bother?,” a commenter kindly noted,

If Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and Hitchens are the four horsemen, then Coyne is more like My Little Pony. An intellectual featherweight amongst intellectual, well, lightweights.

Interesting thought.

But, as I wrote to a friend recently, Darwin’s believers have more commonly styled themselves as dogs, not horses.

I offer no judgement in the matter.

National Center for Science Education’s retiring executive director Eugenie Scott, for example, calls herself “Darwin’s golden retriever,”, riffing off the fact (one presumes) that Darwin’s earliest popularizer, Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895) was called “Darwin’s bulldog.” Golden retriever she may be, but Darwin’s rottweiler (Richard Dawkins) follows hard behind. If the rottweiler privately despises the retriever’s behavior, well, … he would , of course.

The message we get from Darwin’s Christian supporters is “pet the retriever.”

It should be “Caution: Rottweiler at large.”

That said, If Jerry Coyne were a dog, what kind would he be? He spends an awful lot of time attacking traditional religion, which is odd in a country that doesn’t demand that he attend a church or synagogue or mosque whatever.

From News writer Denyse O’Leary: I can totally understand that in a country where religion is enforced, people might take to attacking it. I would myself.

Note: If news writer Denyse O’Leary were a dog, she would be proud to be a member of a Mounted Police canine rescue team.

Coyne would definitely be a cat! He's got a feline fixation. Babamar
Okay, I am getting the feeling that "trained only to hold, never to savage" (Mountie dogs are indeed trained that way) might not apply in some cases? http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/depot/pdstc-cdcp/dogs-chiens/index-eng.htm See, the problem is that despite stupid claims about human and animal intelligence being equivalent, it's completely untrue. The dog does not know if his quarry, sorted by smell in a blizzard, is an escaped serial killer bent on revenge on the judge who sent him down or a confused person from a local old age home. And there is no way of telling him. There is no way of communicating that type of information to a dog. It is a fundamental difference in the type of intelligence between dogs and humans. It is part of the puzzle of information. Free to a good home. - Denyse O'Leary News
I find the notion of atheists likening themselves to breeds of dogs to be insulting. To the dogs, that is. Barb
Coyne would be the Pit Yorkie. Its a new breed. DonaldM
Chihuahua (sp?) OldArmy94
All of Darwin's dogs are all bark and no bite. They are just a bunch of butt-sniffing poop eaters. Joe

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