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Coffee!! Darwin wrong? No! It couldn’t be! HuffPo to the rescue


Alarmed at a science paper that questions Darwin, Steve Newton advises us at the Huffington Post that Darwin was not wrong when he argued that competition was the driving force of evolution. The article suggested that large-scale changes in ecology played a bigger role. Of course, they did. … When an ice sheet covered much of Canada for thousands of years, it would not have mattered whether the preglacial creatures (mammoth, mastodon, ground sloth, saber-tooth cat, horse, camel, etc.) competed or not. When the ice melted, they were just gone. Bison, beavers, wolves, maples, and such were the big noise. How? Why? We don’t know yet. One thing that sure isn’t helping is Darwinism.

For a lot more No! It couldn’t be! angst, go here. Darwinism is a social mood, not a science.

We still have a whole planet to grow into. There are some animals that have gone extinct due to our actions, we can’t bring them back but with sustainable living and the preservation of habitats we can watch life on this plant continue to grow and diversify. anaruiz

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