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“Subway Science”


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I noticed Kurt Godel on the chart. Godel it is said was a critic of Darwinian Evolution and a theist. DesignFan
This is really cool. DesignFan
That dark green line should transition from a solid line to a third pattern somewhere in the mid-20th century. That pattern's description should be something along the lines of:
"At this point, all passengers must get out of the train and pick it up and carry it themselves. All progress from here on is now based on personal dogma and not actual evidence."
Perhaps within our lifetimes, another "Dark Green" line will be formed, branching off somewhere before the current train was being driven by dogma, which investigates how life really formed. It would include some help from Darwinists, including Darwin himself. RM+NS does do some things, just more along the lines of preservation rather than creation. Aside from the elephant in the train hub, that is a very cool map and a wonderful idea. uoflcard
Like DiEb, I also like the idea but I think that more elaboration is needed ... Where the 21st Century Evolutionary Biology line is heading is a dead-end. You may also be derailed at Dawkins. If my memory serves me right, the train finds it difficult to get to Dawkins because it finds it difficult climbing something so improbable. AussieID
Nice idea! Of course, there will be some quibbling about the details... For something completely different: Congrats to you and R. Marks for the publication of The search for a Search - and thanks for naming me in the acknowledgements. Just two questions concerning the active information as defined in eq. (10) in section 3.1 - I have a little bit trouble with the concept: 1. Generally, the measures ψ and φ when induced by a search will depend on the target T. So, what is the meaning of I+(φ|&psi)(T') = lb(φ(T')) - lb(ψ(T')), if T' isn't the target T? (elaboration) 2. In (2.1), you showed how to construct the augmented search space Ω_Q when confronted with a search for a T ⊆ Ω existing from Q queries. This leads to looking for an augmented target T_Q in Ω_Q. But for Q > 1, there is no partition of Ω_Q into sets T_Q representing targets in Ω. So, what's the meaning of +(φ|&psi)(T') = lb(φ(T')) - lb(ψ(T')), if T' isn't a feasible target? (elaboration) DiEb

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