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Coffee!: Even-handed, sure – provided you have only one hand

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Wordle: Synthese
A friend writes to note, “Evolution and its rivals” – a special issue of the philosophy journal Synthese focused on the creationism/evolution controversy – was just published.

Fortuitously, as part of a special promotion on the part of the journal’s publisher, access to Synthese is free until 31 December 2010. When you get there, you will find the following bias-free introduction to the intelligent design controversy:

Coedited by Glenn Branch and James H. Fetzer, “Evolution and its rivals” [Synthese 178(2)] contains Glenn Branch’s introduction; Robert T. Pennock’s “Can’t philosophers tell the difference between science and religion?: Demarcation revisited”; John S. Wilkins’s “Are creationists rational?”; Kelly C. Smith’s “Foiling the Black Knight”; Wesley Elsberry and Jeffrey Shallit’s “Information theory, evolutionary computation, and Dembski’s ‘complex specified information'”; Bruce H. Weber’s “Design and its discontents”; Sahotra Sarkar’s “The science question in intelligent design”; Niall Shanks and Keith Green’s “Intelligent design in theological perspective”; Barbara Forrest’s “The non-epistemology of intelligent design: Its implications for public policy”; and James H. Fetzer’s “Evolution and atheism: Has Griffin reconciled science and religion?”

Some of these people seem to actually make a living out of opposing design in nature. I sometimes wonder who they think they’re kidding – but come to think of it, if you can make a living out of that, it doesn’t matter, does it?

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    RkBall says:

    “free” – Not Found – Error 404

    Free not found — a profound philosophical statement if ever there was one. Creation requires a Creator, and our redemption requires the death of a Saviour. In spite of materialists’ protestations to the contrary, there’s no free lunch. Merry Christmas!

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    Phaedros says:

    My father linked me to the Barbara Forrest article. I was amazed at the level to which she used fallacious argument after fallacious argument to support her case. My father and I debated about the significance of the Dover case. He implicitly believes, it seems, that science can be settled in a court of law.

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    bornagain77 says:

    OT: new video clip upload:

    We Exist At The Right Time In Cosmic History – Hugh Ross – video

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    StephenB says:

    —Denyse: “Some of these people seem to actually make a living out of opposing design in nature.”

    Truth, by its very nature is unified. Error, on the other hand is fragmented, which means that its partisans can find unity only in their opposition to truth.

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    O'Leary says:

    RkBall at 1, coding error fixed, sorry. – d.

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    bornagain77 says:

    OT: Pro-Intelligent Design Peer Reviewed Scientific Paper Argues for an “Engineered World”

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