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Coffee!! Princeton physicist who developed greenhouse gas models smacks down self-assured journalist


… on climate change and the recent polar vortex (chilly summers in many places).

Sorkin is a legacy mainstream media journalist. Here’s Happer, a physicist at Princeton.

Here’s the show (no YouTube).

Warming, Happer says, has been overpredicted by factors of five to ten. Sorkin implicitly accuses him of being “anti-science,” and in the polluters’ pay.

Happer replies in fine form, starting with “Shut up.”

The friend who sent us this asks “Is it too optimistic to think that the railroading of science can only continue so long?” Yes, unfortunately, it is too optimistic.

For everyone who wants to know what is really going on, there are ten people making a self-righteous, sometimes abundant living out of popular misrepresentations. We can’t free them or their willing hearers from the manacles they continually forge; we can, at best, free ourselves.

For example, if we go back for a minute to Darwin-in-the-school textbook controversies, there is a huge amount of money, status, and power also tied up in the union-led compulsory public education system. Because parent are legally required to submit their children to it if they cannot afford an alternative, quality is for all practical purposes irrelevant. Mediocrity is a safe strategy.

Continuing to front classic Darwinian icons that are easy for students to understand (partly because they are fiction) is the obvious choice for those who make a living off the system. And they are no more likely to give that up than are climate change alarmists, who see huge rises in their social status on account of the attention paid to their views.

If enough people believe them, there must be something in it, vortex or no.

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Science has been hijacked by *ssholes. It's good to see that there are still a few scientists who refuse to dance to their music. Mapou
I see this first hand. I have been teaching in the public school system for over 23 years. Many high school biology teachers dogmatically teach Darwinian evolution as if it were driven by good science. It is presented as a fact and not a theory. I cannot help but blame them because they are told by their professors that Darwinism is a fact. And, evolution is the only area of science that critical thinking is discouraged! It is intellectual rape in my opinion. ringo

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