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D. S. Wilson, leading Darwinist: America leads the world in denial of evolution, also popular media supposedly cares less than ever about truth


Remember E. O. “Dear Pastor” Wilson? The one who thinks Darwin greater than Copernicus?

Not to be confused with this guy, D.S. Wilson who was going to save some fading US town by bringing them Darwin? Well, now D. S’s got a publication going (with E. O. involved), “This View of Life”,advising us:

America famously leads the world in its denial of evolution, a trend that is growing worse at a time when truth counts for less and less in the popular media. Even those who accept evolution often fail to appreciate its tremendous relevance for understanding and improving the human condition.

EVOLUTION: THIS VIEW OF LIFE is the first online magazine designed to communicate modern evolutionary science to the general public. It will show how the statement “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution” can be expanded to include all aspects of humanity. The editors are practicing evolutionary scientists who will be working with a network of colleagues across disciplines to aggregate existing online content and provide new content. The magazine builds upon a foundation provided by EvoS, a consortium of colleges and universities that teaches evolution across the curriculum, and the Evolution Institute, the first think tank to formulate public policy from an evolutionary perspective. Few popular science magazines can match the expertise that informs EVOLUTION:THIS VIEW OF LIFE.

Here’s the view of  one of the Discover blogs.

One thing it’ll mean for sure, if it takes off. A lazy early morning of posts about Darwin’s utter nonsense, before we get down to the real news.

By the way, is it actually true that “truth counts for less and less in the popular media”? Isn’t that just toff rot? Where some of us live, you can actually say “honor killing” legally now. A huge advance over the days maybe some yearn for when we’d get charged? When our betters told us what we were allowed to realize, about how people died?


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