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Darwin lobby takes on climate change as well

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JonathanM, one of our authors (recent subject of Darwin TV), also notes that Darwin lobbyist Eugenie Scott (National Centr for Science Education) was speaking recently at a Glasgow Skeptics meeting in Glasgow that he attended:

The topic of the lecture (which you can watch for yourself) was “Evolution and Global Warming Denial: How the Public is Misled.” There was little scientific substance in the presentation, particularly on the subject of evolution. Instead, Dr. Scott attempted to draw parallels between the political strategies employed by Darwin skeptics (whom she seems to think are all creationists) and Climate Change skeptics (whom she pejoratively labeled “deniers”). She linked “evolution denial” and “global warming denial” to the American religious and political Right. But she failed to mention that there are many of us (including myself) who reject Darwinian evolution not principally for religious or theological reasons, but simply because the scientific evidence doesn’t support it.

I don’t have the necessary expertise on climate change to offer an informed opinion of remarks on that score. However, some of Dr. Scott’s comments concerning evolution do warrant remark.

One guesses somehow that most audience members would never in their entire lives have considered the possibility that there could be a disconnect between being an establishment and being correct on either issue.

To be s skeptic today is to know that Truth and the Establishment are One.


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