4 Replies to “YouTube Darwinist responds to JonathanM post at ENV

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    Steve says:

    It would be nice if Johnathan M. did reply.

    These guys are slick but M knows how to take ’em apart. Tedious business but worth the effort.

    Hidden under all the sophistry, lies an empty nest.

    ‘I swear someone had to have stolen the eggs. I know they were there!. They just had to be there”

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    Steve says:

    Besides it’ll p!ss ’em off to no end to have a professional colleague (that just happens to be a theist) do the take down.

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    Steve says:

    Not that we are in the anger business mind you.

    But it is a useful tool to shake out their underlying irrationality, illogic, and sophistry.

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    Joseph says:

    Evolutionitwits rely on the befuddlement of their audience by referring to Intelligent Design proponents as Intelligent Design Creationists.

    And variation refutes ID and IC? And again with gene duplications which only BEG THE QUESTION.

    Unfortunately there still isn’t any evidence that the blindwatchmakerdidit…

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