2 Replies to “Darwinian Materialism and/or Methodological Naturalism vs. Reality – video

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    DerekDiMarco says:

    Where does Philip promote these videos? They could be suitable for a cobranding deal with Prager U.

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    forexhr says:

    Imagine we create a robot that has sensor for detecting sound waves. Now suppose that this robot becomes consciousness of itself with the ability to think, just like us humans. Finally, this robot concludes that sound is all there is and calls this “nature”. What would we say to this robot? Well, probably something like this: just because you can “sense” only nature (sound), just because sound is the only thing perceivable to you, that doesn’t mean sound is all there is. We, humans, are just like this robot, it is just that instead of one, we have five sensors (senses). Just because we defined “nature” as something that is perceivable to our senses that doesn’t mean nature is all there is.

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