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Darwinism blesses a slovenly mass of sentimentality while denying objective right and wrong


Moshe Averick, author of The Confused, Illusory World of the Atheist, takes up a theme we tackled less literately here, in Atheism and Pedophilia Part II: The Incoherent Moral Philosophy of Michael Ruse (The Algemeiner January 3, 2012):

In a Brainstorm article entitled “Scientism Continued,” Ruse makes the astounding claim that not only is pedophilia immoral, but that this moral principle is an objective truth!

“I want to say that what Jerry Sandusky was reportedly doing to kids in the showers was morally wrong, and that this was not just an opinion or something based on subjective value judgments. The truth of its wrongness is as well taken as the truth of the heliocentric solar system.”

Where is this source of objective moral truth that Ruse seems to have discovered or what is the identity of this absolute moral authority with whom Ruse has been consulting? In an earlier article that appeared in The Guardian in March, 2010, Ruse appears to contradict what he wrote above:

“Morality then is not something handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai. It is something forged in the struggle for existence and reproduction, something fashioned by natural selection…Morality is just a matter of emotions, like liking ice cream and sex and hating toothaches and marking student papers…now that you know morality is an illusion put in place by your genes to make you a social cooperator, what’s to stop you from behaving like an ancient Roman? Well, nothing in an objective sense.”

Here, Ruse is clearly stating that morality is purely subjective. It’s not like he is the first thinker to come to this conclusion. …

No, indeed. Better thinkers were there long before him.

Darwinism enables a man to become a great, slovenly mass of sentimentality about something that happens to personally horrify him, even to the point of acting out claims about the heliocentric system, while maintaining that his personal horror is the one illusion that should be taken seriously by the public. Every other Darwinist will say the same things about his private illusions. Get enough of them together on the same illusion, and they are a mob in power to be reckoned with – whether they are obsessing about pedophilia, rodeos, or home schooling to avoid Darwinism.

The one thing they are not is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. Darwinism was never that; it was always a mood, state of mind.

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