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“Darwinists have constructed a virtual world that does not match the real world”


British physicist David Tyler comments at Access Research Network on the “Modern optics in the eyes of an Early Cambrian arthropod” (July 1, 2011):

We have known for many years that the eyes of trilobites, going back to the Early Cambrian, have highly sophisticated optics. Although vision has been invoked as a probable characteristic of many other types of animal, there have been few examples of preserved eyes in the fossil record, even in the Burgess Shale and Chengjiang lagerstatte. However, the Emu Bay Shale, which provides exquisite preservation of Early Cambrian animals, has now supplied us with the earliest example of an non-trilobite arthropod eye. Of the seven specimens recovered to date, three are spectacular for the detail revealed and stunning because they document eyes that “are as advanced as those of many living forms”. One of the authors of the research paper, Dr Jim Jago, is quoted in the press release:

“These are by far the most complicated eyes known from this period of earth’s history. Each eye is seven to nine millimetres across and comprises over 3000 tiny lenses. As yet, the animal to which these eyes belonged is unknown, but they may have belonged to a large shrimp like animal. However, the rock layers in which the eyes are preserved include a dazzling array of fossil marine animals, many being new to science. They include primitive trilobite-like creatures, bizarre armoured worms and large swimming predators.”

The abrupt appearance of complexity in the fossil record has often been documented in this blog, primarily to raise questions about the relevance of Darwinism for understanding the origins of complexity. Time and time again, Darwinists fill the gaps in knowledge with their theoretical models, but sooner or later, the next generation of scholars will realise that Darwinists have constructed a virtual world that does not match the real world revealed by research. The features that appear abruptly are as follows:



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