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Excerpt from Nicholas Wade on race and genetics


A Troublesome Inheritance Heck, it’s free here.

More later. Is it possible that, faced with a choice between Darwin and anti-racism, the progressives chose … Darwin? Early days yet.

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Hat tip: Bioethics.com

The west didn't rise up. Geography never does. it was the identities that just happened to live in the west. They just won't admit its a protestant uprising in morals and intellect. Sorry France but lets face it! The book looks like a crackpot more then just the race stuff. However here it is again. it couldn't be avoided. Evolution leads or allows differences in race/sex smarts by way of biology. Darwin right away had to fight the race thing as he said no to it. He did believe women were intellectually inferior by biology. Its once again the 1920.s lets see if this time creationism and conservatives can do the better job of crushing these ideas and not letting the left mess it up again. I predicted this but its still sobering to see it come once more. OKAY here is the chance to fix lots of problems in society. Its a chance. Robert Byers
About 3/4 through the book. Nothing earth shattering yet. Will read the article later today. Mainly thinks that political and environmental pressures changes the allele frequency in ways we cannot see but which affects behavior of sub-groups of the human population. Not sure whether this leads to different cultures or different cultures affects gene frequency. Niall Ferguson has a book on why the West rose up in the last 500 years to dominate everything. It was political and cultural. Don't know if it changed the allele frequency. That is not Ferguson's stick. jerry

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