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Darwin’s man PZ Myers has found a hobby


Readers may never have heard of Pat Condell, a “godless” Irish comedian who is, shall we say, not fond of Islamic terror, but remains capitated.

Well, our old friend PZ Myers apparently discovered Condell and feels he needs to “go throw up in the corner” as a result.

This is the first time I (O’Leary for News) have read something Myers’ wrote in a while that wasn’t full of profanity. And it is two sentences long!

We didn’t know Myers owned the brand on atheism. Most theists don’t feel they need to get personal about what every theist political opponent (or villain or crackpot) in the world chooses to do, but then most theists don’t claim to own the brand either.

So … ?

We would have offered news of this atheist love-in on Sunday, in our regular religion slot. But we only learned of it now, and it won’t keep.

Back to science news soon!

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George Edwards at 2: In general, you are correct. If I recall correctly, the posts in question contained derogatory information about a person's behaviour in the workplace, written by someone who purported to be a witness. And had nothing to do with this story. All I say is, if it's a crime, call Crimestoppers. If you feel wounded, write a Tell All. Anyway don't publish it here. News
I hope Myers goes back and watches many of Pat's videos from past years. I think he could learn much about logic and reasoning from his fellow atheist who I have been watching with morbid fascination for years. And it might help if Myers understands that Condell is writing from the standpoint of a social order much further along the Islamification trajectory than we (in North America) are and at a point where we will apparently be also. Unless there is a conscious effort to stop it and the future attendant rape epidemic as in Europe. But see that's the problem. You can't stop it. Because people like Myers run the government, educational and entertainment establishment. Western Civilization is done with. People making a living doing what Myers does do not exist to a significant degree in any Islamic country. So Myers wants to barf at the idea of his career field continuing to exist in the United States of America. Just as he probably barfs at the ideas of any of the people who invented our civilization. Here's one for P.Z. : http://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/01/pat-condell-jews-are-being-driven-out-of-europe-by-muslim-anti-semitism groovamos
Denyse: "Posts that address unrelated matters have been deleted." How are we to know they are unrelated matters if you delete them? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to leave them and comment that they are unrelated to the OP. even provide a warning that subsequent unrelated comments will result in moderation. I have never been comfortable with the idea of deleting or editing comments, other than to remove inappropriate language. Deleting and editing comments has the often unintended consequence of calling into question the honesty and integrity of the moderator. George Edwards
Posts that address unrelated matters have been deleted. News

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