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David Klinghoffer Interview in NRO

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David Klinghoffer, author of the new book Shattered Tablets: Why We Ignore the Ten Commandments at Our Peril (Doubleday), gives a disconcerting interview in National Review Online about life in Seattle. Here’s a sample:

Lopez: What’s the point of a First Commandment protest rally?

Klinghoffer: Oh, I attended one, though it wasn’t spoken of explicitly. It was a rally for Richard Dawkins, the atheist Darwinist bestseller guy, at Seattle’s town hall. The First Commandment — “I am the Lord your God…” — really sticks in the craw of materialists like Dawkins, much more so than any other of the Ten Commandments. Everyone was bundled in flannel and they were applauding him for applauding them for being such a bunch of sophisticated geniuses who can explain the existence of everything in the universe in purely material terms. This is what Darwinism, a sort of secular religion, is all about. The First Commandment is the focus of the conflict between secular dogma and the more open-minded view that’s willing to entertain the possibility that God’s hand may really have left evidence of His work in the heavens, in our bodies.

At least they bother to attack YOUR God.. they never seem to develop arguments against God in general, just against Christianity. They assume all us IDiots are Christians! I'm not a Christian, and I feel snubbed by how my deviant beliefs are left out by the venemous attacks of Darwinists. Of course, no one shares my exact beliefs... but still! http://outrageoracle.blogspot.com/ Charles Foljambe
I find it interesting that all - Darwinists I debate, when defeated on hard core empirical evidence, will resort to atacking God!?! It really is telling that their issue is not with the science I present in the first place but is with God,,,at least with the Darwinists I have debated. bornagain77
I live in Toronto, and happened to be in Seattle in mid-August. So I got a chance to compare the two cities. Most of Seattle reminded me very much of Toronto, if Toronto had been built in wood rather than brick. I decided to walk downtown from my hotel to meet my hosts at the dinner party - and soon got lost. But the young man of whom I asked directions had worked for the tourist board, and knew the city very well. So he walked over to the monorail with me and explained various local landmarks and points of pride along the way. However, downtown the atmosphere seemed tense and threatening, entirely unlike Toronto. There seemed to be some sort of undeclared war going on - possibly a subset of the culture wars. People eyed me with suspicion, heaven knows why. There wasn't anything I could do to them. The staff at local lunch counters were tense and behaved like American border guards when they imagined I was stepping out of line. My dinner hosts were making plans to move ... I would too, in their position. Meanwhile, back at the hotel, well away from the downtown, everything remained polite, pleasant, landscaped, and trash-free. Visit Seattle by all means, it's a lovely city, but try to avoid the downtown. O'Leary
Question: Why will moral relativism make you stupid? Answer: Because if you believe there is no such thing as truth, you don't exercise your brain to bridge the gap between where you are (non-truth) and where you ought to be (truth). That is why doing evolution is a lot easier than doing intelligent design. You are too much in the habit of believing that truth is whatever you want. So you never get any mental exercise, except of course to memorize liberal cliches and rationalize outrageous behaviour. StephenB
Nice article. I think he hits it right on the head with his observation about Darwinists and their driving ambitions. Jason Rennie
"Lopez: John Edwards? Klinghoffer: He should review the Tenth Commandment, “You shall not covet.” The speech he’s best known for, the “Two Americas” oration — “One America that does the work, another America that reaps the rewards,” etc. — is nothing more than a piece of incitement to coveting." hehe. This guy uses clear thinking and logic like weapons. It's nice to see thinking so far removed from the mental rot of Darwinism. shaner74

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