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Fossil gorilla teeth push back human evolution even further

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Here is ad hoc, paradigm-driven, rationalistic science at its best: (paraphrase follows) “We know that humans and gorillas had a common ancestor. This finding of an extremely early but largely modern gorilla means that the ancestor must have been much earlier than we thought.” This, along with the Egyptian footprints, ought to be telling a different story, it seems to me. But, in order to see that story you have to adopt an empericalist view of science and be willing to run with the data rather than forcing the data into your paradigm.

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The National Geographic article is a classic Darwinian effort. When paleontologists actually find some interesting fossils, the evidence doesn't fit the theory so you get the headline: "New Fossil Ape May Shatter Human Evolution Theory." Then Darwinian priests weigh in: "Nonetheless, the experts say, the find does seem poised to overturn old ideas that were based on the lack of a fossil record rather than on solid evidence." And quickly the theory trumps the evidence and the title of the story is changed to: "New Fossil Ape May Shake Human Family Tree." (It's true, check the link in #3 above and see.) DG
There's a brilliant bit, too, where some are advising caution about drawing any conclusions that are too disruptive to current theory. This, after a hundred years of "This fossil of a broken tooth and a chunk of one rib prove that humans descended from apes!" and "See these striations in the rock nearby? They must be protofeathers!" Good thing they're so careful! http://outrageoracle.blogspot.com/ Charles Foljambe
"Abyssinicus" means from Abyssinia same as Ethiopia. Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
Writing in tomorrow's issue of the journal Nature, lead study author Gen Suwa of the University of Tokyo and colleagues dub the new creature Chororapithecus abyssinicus. Can anyone explain to me what "abyssinicus" means. Does it mean what I think it means? bornagain77
Sorry that link doesn't work This one will though: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2007/08/070822-fossil-ape.html bornagain77
Here's the National Geographic News Link: New Fossil Ape May Shatter Human Evolution Theory http://news.nationalgeographic.....l-ape.html bornagain77
Don't forget the money quote, "The teeth, eight molars and a canine, 'are collectively indistinguishable from modern gorilla subspecies.' " Jehu

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