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Disgust built civilizations?

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The same way naturalism builds rubble. From Kathleen McAuliffe at Aeon:

Our ancestors reacted to parasites with overwhelming revulsion, wiring the brain for morals, manners, politics and laws

There’s a clear pattern to these findings, as an investigation by Mark Schaller and Damian Murray, psychologists at the University of British Columbia, reveals. People who are reminded of the threat of infectious disease are more inclined to espouse conventional values and express greater disdain for anyone who violates societal norms. Disease cues might even make us more favourably disposed toward religion. In one study, participants exposed to a noxious odour were subsequently more likely to endorse biblical truth than those not subjected to the polluted air.

When we’re worried about disease, it appears, we’re drawn not just to Mama’s cooking but also to her beliefs about the proper way to conduct ourselves – especially in the social arena. We place our faith in time-honoured practices probably because they seem like a safer bet when our survival is in jeopardy. Now’s not the time to be embracing a new, untested philosophy of life, whispers a voice in the back of your mind. More.

There seems to be an endless appetite for this kind of pseudo-explanation. Readers?

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Humans have been around for 1 million years. Humans have dwelt in cities for perhaps 5,000 years. So exactly why would experience from 1/2 of 1% of human existence be the determining factor for human culture? And even in that 1/2 of 1%, cities have been, and continue to be, noted for their filth and disease. Do these "researchers" just make this stuff up over lunch? mahuna
It just seems any thing goes as a option for explaining origins. YES. Darwin also hypothesized but never proved anything. Thats why its so common today in origin matters. I mean the hypothesis gets credibility before good evidence backing it up. hypothesis is fine but don't jump the gun about conclusions. Robert Byers
I am reading a book by Yuval Levin titled
"The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the Birth of Right and Left"
In it the author claims Thomas Paine argues that to get a just government one had to go back before history to where human nature alone controlled man's actions. Only there will one get a just government. Burke thought this was a formula for chaos. It seems from the above that human nature is what drove us to organize and justice be damned. Survival seems to be at the root of initial organization jerry

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