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David Coppedge Prepares Us for the Eclipse

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In order to prepare ourselves for the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, David Coppedge posted a YouTube video showing the Great Baja Eclipse of 1991 and people’s reactions to it.

NASA is helpfully providing an interactive map to show us the path of the eclipse across the United States. NASA’s full eclipse website is here.

What might also be of interest to UD readers is the list of Citizen Science projects that NASA has put together regarding the eclipse. If you are an amateur astronomer wanting to get in on the fun of science, this is your chance!

Clear sky and sunny in Idaho Falls. Well, half sunny now and starting to hear crickets. Totality in half hour:) ppolish
Looks like I may have to mimic your plan. Stay within reasonable driving distance and then hope to be able to drive in. ET
ET, google "eclipse motel price gouging". Companies canceling reservations and rebooking at higher prices:( Edit....my original post should read "Closest" not "Closet". But who knows - maybe they're putting people in closets. ppolish
Made reservations back in June for a hotel in South Carolina. Today the hotel said they never received it. The internet company assures me that I have a confirmed reservation for the hotel but couldn't contact the hotel during our call. Now we are waiting for the company who made the reservation to make it right. ET
Mutt & I roadtripping to Idaho from Tucson AZ to watch. Closet motel for Sunday night reservation not booked solid a month ago was Ogden UT. Normally a 2.5 hour drive to get into totality path Monday morning - but I'm planning on some traffic and will rise early:) ppolish

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