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Earlier, we noted Skip Evans’ (Darwin activist’s) passing … but



But now this: Here at Telic Thoughts, an independent ID blog, is a curious notice:

Apparently, the most memorable thing he ever did was to steal the dissertation of notable creationist Kent Hovind. At least that’s what one would be led to believe by reading the brief memorials offered by his friends PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, Wesley Elsberry, and Nick Matzke. Not one of his fellow culture warriors bothered to send even the most cursory condolences to Skip’s family.

Glenn Branch, Deputy Director of the NCSE eulogized him in his newsletter. For some reason Skip’s death received second billing status on the newsletter because I guess “conversion of a climate skeptic” was deemed to be more important.

We don’t know. But we are normal, family people. We understand that a person can play a role in his family that is quite different from what role he may play in the world at large.

So we, having just learned of this, join Telic Thoughts in offering condolences, sincerely meant.

Requiescat in lucem pacis aeternitatis. [May he rest in the light of eternal peace.]

'When God is lost sight of, man is lost sight of,' is evidently a very perceptive saw, one I heard from an Irish priest. And the proof of it is all around us, in the marginalizaton of the general public by its corporately-selected governments, the consequent imposition of atheistic legislation favoured by the economic elites - increasingly including conservatives, who had previously only considered the Second Commandment, negotiable. Indeed, if science had had to rely on atheists, quantum physics would have remained undiscoverd and unexplored to this day (indeed, notably, 'this day'), since, understandably they fear any thoughts of God or of the true nature of man, since the one inevitably leads to the other. I came across this quotation just now: 'JONAH LEHRER on neuroscience’s efforts to reduce consciousness to the brain: “I think it’s quite interesting how scientific questions about consciousness have grown more and more limited in scope over the years.” “While neuroscience continues to make astonishing progress in learning about the details of the brain–we are a strange loop of kinase enzymes and synaptic chemistry–these details only highlight our enduring enigma, which is that we don’t experience these cellular details. It is ironic, but true: The one reality science cannot reduce is the only reality we will ever know.”' Max Planck knew a thing or two, it seems. But try telling that to the atheist myrmidons of current scientismic theory ('atheist scientific theory' would have been a needlessly risible oxymoron. They satirise themselves). If they were only a little brighter, their hearts would die a little more each day, at the implications of quantum physics. And they know it, so they are in permanent denial.Axel
August 12, 2012
04:18 AM

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