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Everybody you don’t like is a “creationist” these days


Further to free excerpt of Nicholas Wade:


“Nicholas Wade Shows Why the System Needs Feminist Biology”

Wade’s dismissal by the pundit class is for simply writing a book that expands the conversation about genetics, race, abilities and modern day consequences. He was a great mind for thirty years until that book was deemed unfit for public consumption. Progressives read, ore pretended to read, his work for decades. Now that he dares to step out, he must be smeared. Current progressive beliefs of human neurological uniformity must not be challenged. The progressives are creationists with regards to the brain, and any gaps in cognitive functions are due to privilege, oppression, the right cartoon, playing classical music for twenty minutes in the morning when a child is in utero or not enough public expenditures on schools. Because Wade has hard science as his source, it challenges the team that claims to be pro-science therefore he must be made radioactive.

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Should we give Wade a tiny, hand-carved model of Noah’s Ark or something? We could get a Canadian to deliver it.


@Robert I meant, what was the major ideological shism between the two, since they both seem to employ similar methods for similar ends, and can you point me to resources that support this conclusion? VunderGuy
Central. I don't agree that blacks are much different then lower class people generally. Its not that bad or that much. I do agree identity is behind everything. however I see the traditional segregation as still true. Yankee protestants number one. Then the assimulated immigrant identities in the north. then the southerner and then the unassimulated/less immigrant identities. The blacks are just lower class southerners or Yankees. It follows closely historic voting trends. Its all relative. Nobody is dumb just coming up short of the winners. As in Canada the French Canadian always came up short of the Canadian. Everyone however can be equal if they apply themselves. No big deal. Robert Byers
Vunderguy The nazi and commie both agreed to raise up the working class man. one by national identity and the other by class warfare. So likewise the leftwing today is, I noticed for a long time, divided by the issues of identity. tHey all want to raise up certain identifies but not to the loss of OTHER favourite identities. This separates them and is a chance for the good guys to divide and conquor. Robert Byers
@CentralScrutinizer Wow... just... wow... VunderGuy
I don't know about the rest of the world, but in America, it appears that 20% of whites are naturally stupid, 20% of hispanics are naturally stupid, 80% of blacks are naturally stupid and 99.99% of liberals are naturally stupid. Just an observation. CentralScrutinizer
@Robert Byers What was the split between Nazism and Communism? Something about Engles or what? VunderGuy
Many progressives welcome race as a thing determining smarts. Wade is attacking common conclusions of mankind on important ideas mankind must make conclusions on. He is like dArwin. Rejecting received wisdom of the centuries and striving for ideas and the credit to establish the slavery of man to man oncew more ON THIER TERMS. creationism should be banging a gong about this wade. he is the bad guy in educational circles that allowed the old problems. Take him on and do better. The bad guys are being divided just as they were by the split between Nazism and communism even though both shared original values. Robert Byers
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