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Guy who DOESN’T support ID: Genomics has “overturned” Darwin’s iconic Tree of Life

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The Logic of Chance: The Nature and Origin of Biological EvolutionRemember the “Tree of Life” in your public school Darwin Bible?

Okay, so the guy Koonin, who upended it, has  made no secret of his intentions:

More: The genomics revolution, Koonin argues,

… effectively overturned the central metaphor of evolutionary biology (and, arguably, of all biology), the Tree of Life (TOL), by showing that evolutionary trajectories of individual genes are irreconcilably different. Whether the TOL can or should be salvaged — and, if so, in what form — remains a matter of intense debate that is one of the important themes of this book. Uprooting the TOL is part of what I consider to be a ‘metarevolution,’ a major change in the entire conceptual framework of biology.

Darwin lobby: At no time did we ever endorse the Tree of Life. Ever.

UD News: This dude safe?

Darwin lobby: At no time did Charles Darwin ever endorse the Tree of Life. Ever.

UD News: Dude needs new identity … ?

Darwin lobby: All together now, reverently,

Living organisms had existed on earth, without ever knowing why, for over three thousand million years before the truth finally dawned on one of them. His name was Charles Darwin. To be fair, others had had inklings of the truth, but it was Darwin who first put together a coherent and tenable account of why we exist. – Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene, Chapter 1.

UD News: Stand by for hate onslaught re Koonin dude. Could be the Darwin lobby blames us… yet we wouldn’t even know except someone told us …

So the Tree of Life in Revelation 22 isn’t a literal tree?
Well... Revelation 1:1 says it was givin in signs. Interlinear version and some background on the greek word. Student_Roger
This book is a goldmine. A peer reviwed goldmine by a peer reviewed BMOC. In his book, Prof Koonin estimates the probability that life could have originated by naturalistic means is 1 in 10^1018. So its going to be a long wait for abiogenisis research. But no creationism for Koonin. Instead we got an infinite mutiverse, like those great physicists Susskind and Witten tell us about. That explains everything, including why 10^-1018 is no problem. And how to hold a secure, well paid job if youre insane. chris haynes
So the Tree of Life in Revelation 22 isn't a literal tree? What about the river? And the street of gold? And the city itself? Mung
OT: David Crowder*Band - How He Loves - music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCunuL58odQ bornagain77
Has anyone, besides me, ever found it deeply ironic that the "Tree of Life", centuries before Darwin ever used it for his theory (And now apparently hopelessly uprooted), was used in Judeo-Christianity??? Hmmm,, makes me wonder,,, The Tree of Life Excerpt: From Genesis to Revelation the Tree of Life represents and symbolizes the cross upon which our Lord Jesus Christ hung and paid the price for the sins of His people. The Cross, Christ's substitutionary atonement, is the center and focal point of who and what we are. http://www.treeoflifechurch.com/ bornagain77
But it is obvious, that if you start with one thing, and divide it into two things, where those two things differ slightly, and then divide those two things, etc. that when you look at the similarities and differences some number of iterations down the road that an obvious tree pattern can be detected. It's logic, after all. And we'll just ignore HGT. Mung

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