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Hedzup!: Biologic Institute’s senior scientist gets tired of the Aristotle of Morris, Minnesota

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Here: :” In Protein Evolution, PZ Myers Is Way Off the Mark”
Ann Gauger, October 26, 2011:

Of course his attacks are written in his usual insulting style. That’s not interesting. What is interesting is how he misrepresents our work, uses faulty logic, and fails to engage our arguments. I know that anything I write here is unlikely to persuade him. So this isn’t written for PZ. But there may be other readers with open minds who are paying attention.

Yes! Salut! And press on! You are not doing it for Darwin’s men, nor are we.

This is all wrong- Of course PZ knows what they were talking about and the authors do not. Ya see PZ gets to tell the authors what they were doing and attempting to do. Then PZ gets to tell the authors that they were wrong in doing so, even though they didn't do it nor did they set out to do it. It doesn't matter, not to a low-life loser like PZ Myers... Joseph

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